Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

At the cabin, Diane, the ’emotional softie’ weeps in Jack’s arms over the good movie they’ve just watched. Oh how happy they are ~kiss~

In TGP lounge, a drunken Phyllis leaves a message for the child she gave birth to in an elevator – an elevator – call me back. She’s then leaving a loud, sloppy message for Daniel when the Baldwins appear to look horrified. Phyllis is drunk, Mike remarks – the Phyllis train is off the rails. When Lauren insists they go over, Mike deadpans ‘oh, into the fray’. No, I am not OK! Phyllis cries – my life is spinning out, I can’t stop it.

Sharon squeals with delight when Mariah comes in for the ‘new Mom special’. As she gushes about Motherhood and how she sees the world differently, Adam arrives in the background to pause/watch.

Though Nick’s busy working when Sally calls, he drops everything when hearing she has a headache and feels ‘off’. He flies out of the office while she calls the doctor as instructed.

She’s stunning! Sharon’s so busy gushing over baby photos on Mariah’s phone that she doesn’t spot Adam immediately. He didn’t want to interrupt. Congratulations – there’s nothing on earth like having a child, he opines.

When Nick arrives, Sally relays the doctor’s advice to eat well, reduce stress and rest. She’s surprised by how worried Nick is. It’s my job – better get used to it.

Phyllis rejects food – that won’t fix her problem. Mike disagrees and goes to order them all a filet mignon panini. Lauren’s left to hear that her friend’s heart has been broken by her children – they think I’m interfering in their lives. Because you are, aren’tcha? Mike reappears to weigh in. Phyllis catches the Baldwins sharing a look with ‘shifty eyes’. I don’t want your “advice” – all she needs is this drink.

Jack wants to put on some music and open another bottle of champagne. Diane doesn’t need anything other than Jack ~kiss~

Politely looking at photos on Mariah’s phone, Adam seems genuinely interested as Mariah continues to carry on like only a proud new Mom can. When she steps out to answer Tessa’s call, Adam decides it’s time for him to go too. You didn’t order any coffee, Sharon asks ‘what’s going on with you?’ When she doesn’t react to his ‘bomb’, he wonders why Sharon didn’t tell him he was going to be a father.

Sally feels silly for calling Nick over for a headache, like he’s her husband or something. Glad that she called him, Nick shrugs off work to ask for a list of everything Sally ate today. Cashews from the mini bar for dinner? And not taking your prenatal vitamins? Clearly, he’ll have to stay on top of her (so to speak)

It wasn’t Sharon’s place to tell Adam and she only just learned now that he’s the father. Sally confided in her because she needed some guidance. Adam thinks they’ll all need guidance before this baby’s born.