Friday, March 3rd, 2023

At the cabin, Diane’s flabbergasted. Jack insists his proposal is for real – I love you. You love me. We belong together. Don’t go anywhere, he grabs his coat and runs out. Diane’s left to look conflicted.

I’m in your room, Phyllis awakens to ask – what happened? I was drinking vodka. Drowning your sorrows, Jeremy adds that he saw Phyllis walk into traffic and pass out in the middle of the street. He saved her life. Why did you bring me here? she wonders.

At Society, Adam flashes back to his conversation with Sally and Nick (who then appears to join him while waiting for his takeout. We haven’t had a chance to talk, alone, since Sally’s big news, he says.

Running into Summer at CL’s, Sally figures ‘you should hear it from me – I’m pregnant’

At TGP, Kyle’s happy that Billy’s supportive of Jack and Diane. How do YOU feel about your parents reuniting.

Diane flashes back over her reconciliation with Jack, from him angrily confronting her at Keemo’s house to slowly coming around. He said he’d never be able to trust her.

Jeremy makes a big deal out of saving Phyllis, then issues a not-so-subtle threat to release video of her drunkenness. She will NOT be coerced (into joining him against Diane)

Back at Society, Nick sympathizes with Adam. Um, thank you? Adam’s suspicious. He will be a father to his child but won’t interfere in Nick’s relationship with Sally.

Thank God, Summer’s relieved to hear that her Dad didn’t father Sally’s baby. It’s Adam’s – but she and Nick want to stay together. Summer thinks that selfish.

Waiting in the cabin, Diane’s thoughts of Jack are interrupted by a text from ‘Stark’ – you can’t hide from me forever.

At TGP’s bar, relates to Kyle. His Mother wasn’t a presence in his life but his Dad was always there for him. He understands why Kyle would be protective of his Dad and be half-prepared for disappointment. He hopes Kyle gets the family he always wanted.

Jack’s back to pour champagne and toast Diane and their spectacular future. On bended knee he proposes – make me the luckiest man in the world. Diane looks flustered. .
After checking his phone, Jeremy hands Phyllis a bottle of water. In prison, he decided to use his bitterness as fuel to focus on revenge against the person who ruined his life. We can bring Diane down – with purpose comes serenity.