Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

Nate’s explaining one of his bright ideas when Vikki enters the office. Audra takes the hint and will go out for coffee. Take your time, this might take a while, Vikki looks at Nate like he’s a fine cut of grade-A beef.

Tucker resists the urge to kiss Ashley – it wouldn’t be right. We’re not equals (Ashley has the upper hand because she owns his debt) Are you really that intimidated by me? she teases.

Having just heard from Chris, Devon accosts Lily at Society. You hired my ex who hates me? he’s unhappy, to say the least. Well yeah, Amanda knows about your inability to commit and you know about her winning record. You’ve resorted to using my personal life against me, Devon is pissed.

This isn’t a personal attack, it’s a business decision. Amanda’s the best person for the job – sorry if that upsets you. Lily repeatedly brings up Devon cheating. You wanted war – this is it.

Running into Elena at CL’s, Audra blathers on and on about how wonderful Nate is to work for. But as close as we are, it doesn’t compare to his connection with Vikki.

Vikki’s all but sitting on Nate’s lap as they look at stuff on his laptop. Is everything OK? she asks. No – maybe this is a good time to discuss what’s going on, with us.

Flirting time over, Ashley tells Tucker about her conversation with the Newmans. They accused me of buying your debt and want to pay top dollar for your company – whaddaya think?

If you sold to the Newmans, you’d have enough money to travel and do anything you want. All you have to do is call Victor. Tucker sees through Ashley’s obvious test. He’s willing to walk away from a fortune to be with her.

Lily reminds Devon that he signed the papers – the companies are merged. Now, both will lose money, we’ll both lose our dignity. But, you’re the one who’ll walk away with nothing. They then butt heads over Neil’s legacy. My Dad was more than a name and a company. Start a new company or retire on the money we’re offering you. You’ll regret going down this path. Devon’s glad Neil’s not here to see what Lily’s turned into.

Audra has more to say about how in synch Nate and Vikki are; it’s like they were destined to be partners, business partners of course. Vikki has much bigger plans for Nate than running just one division, she tells Elena.

Nate admits that he’s attracted to Vikki but he shouldn’t be. He and Elena are in a good place. And yet, Vikki mentions that they’ve crossed the line – twice. I know what I want (and it’s not an apology) she wants Nate to decide what he wants.

Nate can’t deny feeling an intense connection to Vikki but … What am I to you? she asks. Irresistible, intoxicating – but I can’t hurt Elena the way we hurt Devon. Unconvincingly agreeing that they won’t kiss again, Vikki wonders if Elena can give Nate everything he needs.