Monday, March 6th, 2023

Nick yet again reassures Sally that he’s there for her every step of the way. Want me to come to your doctor’s appointment? Naw, it’s not one of the fun ones. Don’t worry about Summer or anything else – the baby is your focus; OUR focus. Sally’s smiled fades as Nick hugs her.

Adam doesn’t need Sharon to ‘therapist’ him, he’s just there for coffee. Sharon was just being a friend – there’s plenty of other places to get coffee. Surely, you don’t think it’s a good idea for Billy and Chelsea to be involved. Sensing an ally, he asks Sharon to speak to Chelsea; she respects you. Having already spoken to Billy, Sharon shuts Adam down.

Chelsea tells Billy about pitching her idea for Omegasphere to Daniel and Lily. He’s thrilled that she’s channeling her experience into helping others. This ‘fancy lunch’ is a celebration of Chelsea getting closer to being the person she wants to be, and a celebration of us.

Lil’s grateful to Chelsea for re-energizing Daniel; making him excited about Omegashpere again. Daniel’s inspired by Chelsea’s bravery, and reminded of his goal will help shape her vision. It’s the kind of good news Lily needs today.

Kyle thinks the most important thing, for everyone (including Summer) is the well-being of the baby. Summer agrees (though knows Sally would use that baby to manipulate her Dad) When the doorbell rings, she already know who it is. We need to, Nick says as soon she opens the door.

After Kyle leaves, Nick denies he’s there to scold Summer. She’s using you, Summer blurts out. Did she tell you about the baby right away?? No – and that’s because she wanted to reel you in – protect her from Adam.

Sharon suggests Adam focus on his own life. Sally and Chelsea have made choices that are beyond your control; focus on your job. Oh yeah, about that – maybe my former colleague can explain what went wrong (Kyle arrives just in time)

Over lunch, Chelsea tells Billy all about her collaboration with Daniel. Do Jill and Lily still need to sign off? he wonders; knowing Lily can be tough. If Lily seemed to like it, then she must; they’d be fools to pass, Billy thinks it a good fit; he’s pleased that Chelsea’s creative juices are flowing. A perceptive Chelsea notices that Billy’s more distant than the last time they hung out – and wonders why.

Billy’s distracted by Jack’s job offer; to replace Adam as his co-CEO. Are you considering it? Chelsea wonders.

After exchanging words with Adam, Kyle apologizes to Sharon, then goes to get his coffee elsewhere. He’s right, you know, Sharon tells Adam that he’d rather fixate on the tiniest insult than move on to something that makes him happy; a new purpose. Adam may have already been offered that.

Hating to see where things have devolved to between Lily and Devon, Daniel doesn’t blame him for being pissed that she hired Amanda – it’s a harsh move. Opining that Devon’s handling things fairly well, Daniel wishes there was a way to bring the silings closer together. At the bar, Nate’s almost falling off his barstool in order to eavesdrop.

Nick knows Summer’s concern comes from a good place – but you’re wrong about Sally. She doesn’t have an agenda. We’re together; what we have is real. Me not being the baby’s father doesn’t change anything. I make my own choices. Open up your heart and mind to me and Sally being together.

Yes, Victor colluded to get me fired from Jabot and then dangled an offer; turns out it was real. Sharon suggests it might help him work through his issues with Victor. Thanking her, Adam heads to the patio to call his Dad – he’s ready to talk.

Billy’s considering taking the job because Chelsea’s helped him see things in a different light. He now wants to work with family. Chelsea appreciates everything Billy’s done for her. But, you’d be alright on your own, right? he asks. Yes, Chelsea’s strong enough to stand on her own feet but she’s grateful to have Billy in her life.

Relieved that Daniel’s back on track, Lily needs to get back to work. Daniel again wishes there was some way she and Devon could make amends. It is what it is, she leaves. Nate immediately appears to tell Daniel that they want the same thing.