Monday, March 6th, 2023

Expecting Billy for lunch, Chelsea’s surprised when Adam stops by. Noticing the ‘cozy’ table-setting, he makes his disapproval clear, then wonders if things have progressed beyond friendship with Billy. Maybe it has, Chelsea’s frustrated.

When Billy stops downstairs to pick up some pastries for lunch, Sharon also has concerns. Eyeing the bouquet of flowers, she cautions that Chelsea’s still in a fragile state.

Kyle comes home to ask Summer what’s wrong. Sally friggin’ Spectra is what’s wrong! she barks.

At Society, Sally updates Nick that she ran into Summer and told her everything. She accused me of causing chaos wherever I go. Nick’s sorry Summer said that. She’s not wrong, Sally sighs – this whole thing’s a mess.

Billy’s just a schmuck with some flowers and pastries – of course he’d like input from Sharon, a trained professional who’s been nothing but supportive of Chelsea.

Sharon shares her concern that Chelsea’s too dependent on Billy and that a new relationship may artificially buoy her mood. She knows that he’d never do anything to consciously impede Chelsea’s recovery, but subconsciously? It’s a danger he should consider.

Meeting at Society, Lily and Daniel briefly discuss Omegasphere and him moving on from his break up with Heather. He thanks her for help with that. Lily feels she owes Chelsea a big thank you.

Billy’s a trainwreck who can’t possibly have your best interest at heart, Adam wants Chelsea to keep her guard up; Billy’s toxic. On cue, Billy arrives to ask Chelsea if she’s alright. When Adam keeps talking, Billy wants Chelsea to speak for herself – are you alright? he repeats.

My house my rules, Chelsea expects Adam and Billy to be kind to one another. Backing off, Adam just wanted to check in – he can see that Chelsea’s well so will leave her and Billy to enjoy their lunch. After some mild flirting, Billy wonders what exciting news she has to share with him.

Relaying that Sally’s pregnant, Summer adds ‘she enjoyed every single second of making me squirm’. I doubt that, Kyle says quietly – but not quietly enough. He thinks they should operate under the assumption that this isn’t a stunt, it’s a baby. Sally has a lot more on her mind than how this would affect you.