Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Adam’s at the ranch to inform Victor that he’s taking him up on his offer to run McCall Unlimited. He’d like to help remove the stumbling block his Dad mentioned. He has one stipulation; to run McCall as it’s own entity, to no answer to Vikki.

Opening his front door, Devon suggests Vikki call to make an appointment like everyone else. Mentioning the lawsuit, she’s there to discuss Tucker and the sale of his company.

Abby’s at the house to ask her Mom about the thing she hoped to force Tucker to do.

Nate’s brought Daniel to his office to discuss Lily and Devon. He regrets betraying them so is asking for Daniel’s help to make amends.

Abby wants to know how Tucker’s wormed his way back into her Mom’s life. He hasn’t, Ashley can’t say anything more right now. She’s not playing games and also worries about Devon. Has Tucker changed? Abby needs to know if Devon can trust him.

Vikki can tell that it’s news to Devon that Tucker tried to sell her his company first. Why would he lie to you? she muses.

Victor readily agrees to Adam running McCall Unlimited as its own entity (as that was his plan) What was the final straw (in you leaving Jabot)? Adam’s heart wasn’t in it – you were right about the job, and about me, he admits.

Nate blames himself for starting the war between Lily and Devon; I don’t sleep at night. Help me put an end to it. He asks Daniel to work with him. Count me out, Daniel thinks Devon and Lily need to work it out by themselves.

Tucker never does anything unless he wants to do it – this isn’t about you, this is about Devon, Ashley understands that Abby’s frustrated and wants to fix things. Do you think Tucker’s acting in Devon’s best interest or is his plan to impress you? Abby persists. On cue, the doorbell rings.

Tucker made it seem like I was the only one he approached, Devon admits – but why is Vikki here to talk about it? Newman’s still interested in the company and wants to know where Devon stands; and whether Vikki has to play hardball.

Back at the ranch, Adam tells Victor that he had an enlightening chat with Sharon – she told him to find a sense of purpose. Victor chuckles, I know you son. As for Vikki, leave her to me.