Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Billy assures Sharon that he’s not ignoring her advice. He knows she only wants what’s best for them. He plans to take things slow with Chelsea. Sharon clung to Adam after her breakdown so wants to spare Billy and Chelsea that pain.

Chloe understands why Chelsea and Billy have developed feelings for one another; you were once engaged. Yes, but Chelsea wasn’t over Adam then. Chloe has to ask if this is really what Chelsea thinks it is.

Summer apologizes for being mean to Sally. She now realizes that she’s an important part of her Dad’s life. We may not be besties but we don’t need to fight. Sally would like to find a way to make things work so will meet Summer halfway. However, she becomes suspicious when Summer continues to ask how Adam’s handling the situation.

Over coffee, Nick and Adam agree that they both care for Sally and that she shouldn’t have to deal with their problems. If we both make a good-faith effort, we should be able to come up with a way to coexist.

Under the guise of planning GC’s bicentennial celebration, Nikki’s invited the Baldwins to the ranch. Their reminiscing about the last masquerade ball, comes to a halt when Nikki asks Mike for his input on Tucker.

Summer’s glad to hear that Adam’s handling the situation well and behaving himself. Sally questions her abrupt change of heart.

Adam never would have thought this would be the thing to bring the brothers together. We have a lot in common besides the same father. Yes, Nick knows about Victor’s plan to put Adam in charge of McCall Unlimited. Are you OK with that or is it something else we have to overcome? Adam asks.

Nikki’s fine with the acquisition itself but not Victor’s plan for Adam to run McCall Unlimited. Vikki wants to dismantle the company and fold it into Newman. Help me put a stop to this, she implores.

Chloe would hate to see Chelsea’s progress derailed. Whatever’s going on is exhilarating and terrifying, Chelsea gushes. Our connection feels new and different. I’m drawn to him. It’s a pull that’s hard to ignore; hard not to act on.

Billy appreciates Sharon’s guidance but our story isn’t your and Adam’s story. No one will get hurt here. It just feels right.

Mike doesn’t want to get involved – this is way above my pay grade. I’m Switzerland without the chocolate. Do you understand the position you’re putting my husband in? Lauren enquires. Yes, but Nikki won’t just sit back and accept defeat.

Back at TGP, Nick warns Adam that the acquisition’s not a done deal. IF we snag McCall, he would be OK with Adam being autonomous – it’ll avoid conflict if he’s not at NE. Vikki’s not on board and she won’t back down from a fight, he warns.

Summer’s trying to be a better person. Dad made me see things from another perspective. She still has reservations because she thinks Sally and Adam a better match. It feels like you and Adam aren’t done yet. You got pregnant with his baby from being with him once in all these months. It’s like the universe is saying you’re meant to be. Sally ponders it.

Next Week. I might actually end up being the CEO of your empire. Adam tells Tucker (who responds with a grin ‘over my dead body’) …. What’s going on with you and Vikki? Elena confronts Nate … I proposed to Diane, and lucky me – she said yes, Jack’s announcement (with his bride-to-be at his side) stuns Kyle and Summer.