Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Billy loves Chelsea’s sketches – it’s like a whole separate world; work, family, romance. The hero of the game must balance the three. The excited pair seem about to kiss when Chloe drops by. Is this a bad time? she asks.

What does Nick see in her? Nikki gripes to Summer (at Society) She’s then stunned by the news that she’s pregnant.

In TGP lounge, Sally tells Nick that she and Chloe want to inspect CW’s properties (which are ‘all over’) before their next meeting with Jill. Offer the use of Newman’s private jet, Sally declines – she doesn’t think they’re at that stage in their relationship yet. Adam appears – he has a proposition he hopes Sally will seriously consider.

Billy doesn’t want to overstay his welcome and has things to do. Good to see you, he tells Chloe, then leans in to whisper to Chelsea as she shows him out – you’re amazing. I’ll be in touch.

Wanting Sally and the baby to be comfortable from the start, Adam wants to buy her a house; with a nursery and a yard; a place to put pictures on the wall; everything she didn’t have as a child. Nick doesn’t look happy.

Nikki’s initially thrilled to hear that Adam’s the father, not Nick. But wait, no, this is still a mess! When Summer asks her not to tell grandpa, Nikki reluctantly agrees. Both are horrified that Nick intends to keep seeing Sally. If only there was a way to put an end to it.

Summer wants to push Sally back into Adam’s arms. Nikki knows that no one can be more charming than Nick when he’s infatuated with a woman. Adam would need a lot of help and some luck.

After Sally declines Adam’s offer, Nick chimes in – this is what she meant by you overstepping. You’re both thinking too ‘grandiose’, she would like to make her own decisions on travel and where she lives. If you’ll excuse me, Sally hurries off to get some work done, leaving the brothers to look at one another.

Chloe can see that she interrupted something. There’s a strong vibe between you and Billy. Chelsea was flustered because she was excited about the game. OK, she and Billy do have feelings for one another (much to their surprise)

Downstairs, Billy tells Sharon that Chelsea’s working on an idea for Daniel’s gaming platform. The therapist/barista also detects that something’s going on.

What a coincidence, Summer just told me your big news, Nikki turns her nose up at Sally. She has so many things to say but doesn’t know where to begin so will leave. Summer then asks Sally to join her – so she can apologize.