Friday, March 10th, 2023

When Vikki drops by Newman Media, Audra pours it on thick. Nate’s with Elena for some couples’ time; what a lucky woman she is.

Meeting Elena at TGP, Nate’s sorry he’s late. His ‘exhilarating’ meeting with Vikki went long. The synergy between us is unreal. Of course we have more than an employer/employee relationship. What’s going on between you two? Elena wants to know.

Joining Summer on the CL’s patio, Kyle lists the many reasons why she might be troubled. All the above – and she’s again worried about her Mom’s obsession with Diane.

At the cabin, Jack’s reading his book while Diane worries about the storm brewing back home.

In Jeremy’s suite, Phyllis confirms that Diane and Jack never left Wisconsin. They’re in a rustic cabin just up the highway. They think they’re untouchable, Jeremy thinks it time to prove them wrong.

Phyllis has a lot more to lose than Jeremy. My family can’t be hurt. We have to lure Jack and Diane back to town by doing the same thing to them as they did to us – make them think the danger (you) has left town, only we do it better.

Back at TGP, Elena relays what Audra eluded to. Nate insists that nothing’s going on between him and Vikki. We work well together. He doesn’t want to go through this again? I thought you appreciated my relationship with Vikki.

Vikki needs Audra to guess what Tucker’s next move will be. He could get tired of waiting for Devon. OK, then we push him in that direction.

Over wine, Diane tells Jack about the call that has her rattled. She fears it was Jeremy. We’ve left our family sitting in the crosshairs.

Summer tells Kyle about her run-in with her Mom. Something doesn’t sit right with me. On cue, Phyllis bursts onto the patio to say that Jeremy’s on his way to Paris to find Jack and Diane. And how do YOU know this? Kyle wonders.

Phyllis will be 100% honest. Jeremy’s obsessed with teaming up with me to get revenge against Diane. He’s dangerous. When Kyle jumps up to make a call, Phyllis hands him his phone (which he forgot at TGP)