Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Running into Summer at CL’s, Chelsea updates that she’s doing well after a brief dark period. Politely declining the offer to come work at Marchetti, she’s working on something new (which she’s also vague about)

Billy joins Ashley at Society to ask why she came back from Paris so soon and wonder what angle she’s working with Tucker. Why else would you be in contact with him?

Letting Tucker in, Devon quickly clarifies that this is a business-related meeting. You tried to sell McCall to Newman first – so selling it to me to carry on your legacy was a lie.

Tucker’s bad news, he’s caused you a lot of pain, Billy warns Ashley that he’s one of those guys who’ll never change. YOU’RE one of those guys who’ll never change. Why does Diane deserve a second chance but not Tucker? Ashley’s attitude tips Billy off that she has feelings for him.

Summer would love to see Chelsea’s sketches; I respect your work. Chelsea’s not designing fashion these days but can’t say more. After Chelsea takes a seat, Phyllis eavesdrops on Summer’s call (seems she needs to get back to work because Diane’s away)

Newman tried to buy my debt to force me to sell to them, Tucker would never want Devon to buy McCall if it wasn’t solvent. He’s not looking for a sucker to dump the company off on. That’s not my intent, Tucker chokes up. Don’t go – Devon’s tone softens a bit.

Ending what appears to be an animated chat on her phone, Phyllis waves to Summer. Crazy running into you here. Not really, Summer’s frequently at CL’s. Chelsea’s surprised to overhear Phyllis parroting what she and Summer just discussed.

Ashley doesn’t need relationship advice from Billy (or Jack, since he’s moved Diane in) Who am I to judge? Billy’s schooled on his double standard. At least they can agree that Ashley’s romantic entanglements are none of Billy’s business.

Once Tucker gets past trying to appeal to Devon’s non-existent sense of humour, he’s happy to hear that his son’s interested in acquiring McCall.

When Tucker suggests Devon buy his company and then hire him as an advisor, Devon wonders if he’d really take a smaller role. Absolutely, Tucker affirms without hesitation.

Claiming to have a gift for Harrison, Phyllis grills Summer on where Jack and Diane are. As Chelsea continues to listen, Summer doesn’t want any part of her Mom’s schemes. Leave Diane alone already, she huffs out.

Ashley’s surprised to hear that Billy’s considering Jack’s job offer. He’s capable of change and maybe Tucker is too. Billy then pulls out his phone and leaves Jack a message (he wants to talk about the job)

At the cabin, Diane looks through the window, then the front door. Jack? Where are you? she’s puzzled.

Reading Jack’s note (he’s gone to pick up dinner) Diane drifts off to sleep dreaming that she’s marrying Jack. Kyle’s thrilled for her. Summer declares her a better ‘Mom’ to her than Phyllis. Traci’s writing a novel/screeplay; The Return of The Perfect Woman. ‘Not so fast’, Ashley’s the last to appear in Diane’s dream..

Ashley has nothing but love in her heart for Diane. Of course she’ll be her Maid of Honor! Diane’s dream morphs into a nightmare with Jeremy’s arrival. With a gasp, she awakens to sit bolt upright.

Dropping by Chelsea’s, Billy’s happy to hear that she’s got her groove back. The world is full of pain and conflict among families who don’t know how to navigate it, Chelsea believes Omegasphere can really help. Showing Billy her sketches, Chelsea really wants to change people’s lives.

Billy thinks Chelsea will ‘crush it’. He’s now inspired to take his ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ back to Jabot. She’s excited for both of them.

Texting Summer? Phyllis asks Kyle (assuming he knows about the CL’s run-in that went sour) No, but he’s sure they’ll work out their differences. Picking up the phone Kyle leaves on TGP’s bartop, she sees a notification that flowers were sent to the cabin. Blocking her number, Phyllis calls. Jack? Diane answers. Silence. Jeremy? Is that you!? she’s alarmed. Phyllis then sends a text to Jeremy. I found them.