Friday, March 10th, 2023

Neither Elena nor Nate wants to go back to the dark place they were in. It’s not like he’s having an affair with Vikki. I love you and only you – they decide to go home to bed (since Elena’s tired)

Audra’s doublespeak doesn’t work so well on Vikki (who says that everyone has to work together towards a common goal) We’re talking about swaying Tucker away from Devon, right? Audra asks.

Your family is safe, Jack reassures Diane. She doesn’t feel any safer or relaxed. Let’s go home, please. No sooner has Jack agreed than Kyle calls.

Of course we’re talking about Tucker and Devon, Vikki’s indignant. I’ll tell Nate you stopped by, Audra says as Vikki clip-clops out of the office.

After talking to Kyle, Jack updates Diane that he called his friend at the airport; Jeremy chartered a flight to Paris – to find us. They wonder if he’s tricking them. Maybe it’s time to go home – to tell the whole world that we’re engaged.

Back on the patio, Phyllis assures Summer that she’s telling the truth. My priority is you. Summer hopes everything her Mom is saying is true. I miss you but don’t want to be disappointed by you.

Running into Elena at CL’s, Vikki insists on paying for her tea; an apology for all the nights Nate’s had to work late. She speaks highly of Nate – we’re very much in tune. This job was meant for him. If he sticks with me, Vikki sees big things in his future. Elena works to keep her smile in place.

Kyle relays to Summer what he told his Dad. She’s suspicious that her Mom had his phone – and why would Jeremy think Jack and Diane are in Paris? Something’s not adding up, she suspects her Mom’s working with Jeremy. No one’s letting down their guard, Kyle reassures.

Back at the office, Nate confronts Audra for filling Elena’s head with nonsense. I did nothing of the kind, she apologizes for the misunderstanding. I just told Elena about the inclusive vibe. Do you want to me call her?

Vikki continues to praise Nate. He’s an incredible businessman. Nice running into you. Elena scowls as she’s left holding her two teas to go.

Elena’s brought tea to Nate (at the office) to apologize. No, she doesn’t want him to quit his job. But, she sees him sinking deeper every day and doesn’t want to risk losing him again.

Returning home, Diane isn’t sure they should tell Kyle that they’re engaged. Jack thinks he’ll be happy for them.

It’s done, Phyllis returns to Jeremy’s suite to say. Yes, bringing me on board was a good idea. What’s next?

Jeremy wants Phyllis to worm her way back into the Abbott’s good graces. If she can’t get access to Diane’s things, he’ll arrange a BnB. Phyllis reminds that she’s protecting her family – I’ll do it.

At the house, Diane and Jack shock Kyle and Summer with their news. I proposed to Diane and lucky me, she said ‘yes’.

You’ll never lose me; I love you, Nate’s working hard for their future. When he turns his back to answer his phone, Elena quickly wipes tears from her eyes. Telling Nate that she just ran into Elena, Vikki assumes she went home and so asks him to meet her for a drink to discuss McCall. He disappoints her (and makes Elena happy) by saying that Elena’s there and they were just about to go home.