Monday, March 13th, 2023

‘Wow’, says Summer. Kyle does not take the news of his parents engagement well. He finds the timing ‘weird’. Is this because of the threat of Jeremy Stark?

Outside Society, Phyllis is on the phone with ‘Mr Stark’. The next phase of their plan (getting personal items belonging to Diane) will take time and finesse. Do not be impatient and do NOT harm my family, she hisses. When Lauren comes by, Phyllis ends the call and forces a smile.

Vikki’s in TGP’s lounge having a glass of wine. Nick’s there to see Sally. He sits to update that Adam hasn’t broken the rules – yet. But Nick’s ready for anything.

Upstairs, in bed, Sally dreams that Summer’s brushing her as she talks about her connection with Adam. It’s as if ….. As if what? Sally turns around. As if we’re meant to be, Adam’s magically appears.

Vikki loves how Nick sees the best in people – you have a big heart. Nick will heed her warning about Adam; he’s on his guard, and yes, alarm bells are going off in his head. He doesn’t agree that Sally and Adam are a better fit/a more natural couple but understands why Vikki would. She thinks that in itself says a lot.

Sally continues to dream about Adam being nauseatingly sweet. I know you like nobody else does – or ever will, he says.

Seated at a table with Lauren, Phyllis claims the ‘intense’ call was with the nail salon. I’ll call them to apologize. Lauren’s puzzled. What’s going on? The last time she saw Phyllis she was miserable and now she’s ‘vibrating’ with energy. What happened between then and now?

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack assures Kyle that he didn’t propose because of Stark. He loves Diane. Summer raises an eyebrow as Jack blathers on. He hasn’t been this happy in a long time. We now have wisdom and experience, Diane chimes in to say ‘we’re better together than apart’.

Kyle wants his parents to be happy. And you do seem happy, Summer adds. Diane and Jack hope they’ll come around and keep the engagement quiet. After they leave, Summer blurts out ‘what the hell was that’?!