Monday, March 13th, 2023

No, Nick’s not jealous but he is worried Adam will cause Sally stress. He tells Vikki that Adam confirmed Dad’s plan – he’ll run McCall. That’ll never happen, Vikki chortles. Nick suggests she stay out of this one; let Adam and Dad have McCall, it’ll keep them away from us. Vikki thinks it bad business that will end badly for both of them. She perks up – a lot – when Nate appears – what a pleasant surprise.

Phyllis claims to have realized that she’s been self-sabotaging. When she apologizes for that ‘unfortunate’ night, Lauren wants to believe this change is positive and legit. Let’s go to Vegas and have some fun. Phyllis can’t get away at the moment. You don’t have a job and you’re fighting with your kids, Lauren wonders what Phyllis has going on. Phyllis’ manic smile remains in place when Jack and Diane walk in.

When Jack and Diane stop by their table, Phyllis says ‘you two look amazing’. It doesn’t take long for things to get tense and awkward. Phyllis wants ‘what you guys have; romance and love. It’s hard to get, harder to sustain, especially in your current circumstance’. She’s surprised to see them back in town.

Elena crashed as soon as they got home so Nate’s joined Vikki at TGP to continue strategizing about a business deal (and have a drink) Though invited to stay, Nick needs to get upstairs. Waiting for the elevator, he watches the pair with suspicion.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime connection, we belong together – Adam places a hand on Sally’s non-existent baby bump. She covers his hand with hers. ‘Sally. Sally! knock, knock. Nick’s shouting wakes her up. If you don’t open this door by the time I count to three I’m gonna call security, he bellows … 1…2… Sally pulls him inside and immediately pounces.

Nick and Sally make out in bed.

Downstairs, Vikki thought she knew Tucker – win at all cost (like Nate and herself) Maybe he’s getting soft as he’s getting old – maybe he does want to get closer to Devon and Ashley. She has no idea why Ashley bought Tucker’s debt but it’s a good move. Vikki comments that they’re two dynamic and powerful people who have passion for business and each other. She wants to see how far he’d go for her. Exactly – a game most men enjoy playing, Vikki purrs. We’re talking about ‘us’. What’s going on between the two of us? she whispers.

Summer’s wondering if this was Diane’s plan all along. That would be diabolical, Kyle whelps. Look how she lured Jack to LA – it’s been lies and surprise after surprise, and Summer’s just worried that Jack and Kyle are turning a blind eye to something. Kyle’s worried she’ll never give his mother a chance. Summer can’t believe he’s onboard with them getting married. Things are moving way too fast.

Cuddling in bed, Nick’s not complaining – but this seemed a bit urgent; is there something behind it? The look in your eye when I first got here. What do you think you saw? Sally wonders. That you were trying to lose yourself in sex. Nick asks if something’s going on. Yes, there is something, Sally sits up.

Something has been bothering Sally – Summer. Nick will talk to her again. No, that’s just it – Summer she was very muted’; like she wanted to make peace. It was a strange conversation. She talked a lot about how happy I was with Adam and that us having a baby together makes us ‘meant to be’. Nick obviously doesn’t agree. Of course, Sally doesn’t think she and Adam are a better match. Are you feeling conflicted? Nick asks.

Kyle’s worried – Dad’s put his whole heart and soul into this. It’s happening so fast. Even if Jeremy wasn’t trying to find them – it’s like Dad’s setting himself up to be hurt again, he frets to Summer.

Seated with Diane just a few feet away, Jack excuses himself to go back to Phyllis and Lauren’s table. Why were you surprised to see us back in town? It makes sense to Phyllis; Summer and Kyle must have told you that Jeremy was flying to Paris to find you. How did you know that? Lauren, Jack and now Diane all want to know. Phyllis laughs – I was the one who told him.

Vikki’s gonna get a room upstairs and would like Nate to join her. She won’t be offended if he chooses not to. It won’t affect our working relationship either way. Nate’s left to think.

Nick doesn’t like the effect whatever-Summer’s-doing is having on Sally. He wants her in a bubble of peace and harmony. When he again asks Sally if she’s conflicted about Adam. Sally says no – but she’s wondering what the future holds; whether she’s prepared for the onslaught from Nick’s family.

Kyle knows Jeremy won’t go away. If this engagement’s so right, why aren’t they telling anyone?? OMG – wait til my Mom finds out – it won’t be pretty, Summer is as distressed as her husband.

Phyllis explains that Jeremy tried to enlist her in his scheme against Diane. I don’t want him in any of our lives. My fight with you cost me so much, she tells Diane; my relationship with my kids. She told Summer and Kyle that Jeremy had gone to Paris to look for you. Go, enjoy your dinner, she shoos Jack and Diane off. That was quite a performance, Lauren asks what Phyllis is up to. Nothing – Phyllis wants nothing but happiness for Jack and Diane. Her fake smile remains in place as she watches Jack kiss Diane’s hand.