Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

In her suite, Vikki pours herself a drink and sends Nate a text – room 407. He flashes back to reassuring (lying to) Elena – then kissing Vikki. Finishing his drink, he heads to the elevator – and runs into a scowling Nick.

At Society, Tucker finally accepts Adam’s offer to buy him a drink. Are you gonna sell McCall? he wastes no time. Tucker wonders where Adam heard that (assuming it wasn’t his sister or Dad, since they don’t like him)

Abby and Devon are enjoying dinner and chatting about Dom (asleep upstairs) He wants his son to be proud that he fought for the family legacy. Are you still considering buying McCall? Abby wonders.

Nate doesn’t know where Vikki is; we finished up a while ago. When Nick asks where he’s heading, Nate says it’s personal; then claims that he’s staying at the hotel for the night because he and Elena had an argument. Nick’s left looking extremely suspicious.

Over wine, Devon updates Abby that Tucker wants to work for him if he buys McCall. Neither are sure if it’s wise to give Tucker the benefit of the doubt.

Still at Society, Adam opines that he’s a lot like Victor. Yes, you’re both miserable and ruthless, Tucker deadpans. You’re nothing like your son; Devon’s principled and thoughtful – you really botched that relationship, Adam boasts. I might end up being the CEO of your empire. Let’s drink to that. Over my dead body will you ever have anything to do with my company, Tucker grins as he clinks Adam’s glass.

Nate hasn’t come to Vikki’s suite for sex but it would have been rude not to answer. He’s in two committed relationships; with Elena and Newman Media and doesn’t intend to screw up either one.

Nate declines Vikki’s offer to sit down – you’re a great boss, a great leader. That’s it? the same could be said of my father, Vikki’s ego takes a hit. Nate admits that he desires Vikki but we can’t act on our feelings. He hopes she’s not insulted. Of course we’re OK, Vikki will see him in the office tomorrow.

Tucker has no intention of selling to Newman. Well, the deal’s not done with Devon, Adam persists; everyone has their price and we’ll pay that price. When Nick arrives, Tucker jokes – is this a Newman convention? Nick has no interest in whatever they’re talking about. Tucker was just saying that Newman would never get our hands on McCall Unlimited, Adam informs. Devon means everything to me – you mean less than nothing, Tucker leaves Nick to ask Adam if he’s ready to let this go yet.