Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Having little trouble convincing Abby to stay the night, Devon kisses her before they run upstairs.

Having a beer while waiting for his takeout, Nick thinks Adam should give up on McCall. You and Vikki are too much like Dad; it’s toxic – you guys need hobbies. Nick’s working hard to keep things civil between them for Sally and the baby’s sake. The world is your oyster – why do you need McCall? Saying he wants to leave a legacy behind for both his children, Adam walks out.

When Nate stops by CL’s, Audra again apologizes for the misunderstanding with Elena. It’s OK, I cleared it up, Nate explains. Then why are you here? Have you seen Vikki tonight? Why do you ask? Nate looks guilty.

Having teleported himself to the ranch, Adam whines to his Dad that Tucker seems determined to sell to Devon and not to them (but he won’t let it go) Victor won’t either – leave it to me.

Since he and Devon share mutual respect for one another, Victor will go see him. Not tomorrow; he’ll go tonight. Though happy that Adam’s becoming closer to the family, Victor’s set straight – Adam has selfish reasons (something Victor’s well aware of)

Back at CL’s, Audra was just wondering if Vikki had given Nate any news on McCall. Since it’s about business, Nate decides he can spare a few minutes. During their talk, Audra reaches across the table to take his hand. After he goes home to Elena, Tucker comes in from the patio to crow; Well, well, well – working late I see.

Devon buttons his shirt to answer the door. Victor’s sorry to disturb him so late – it’s about Tucker McCall. Devon’s now interested in buying the company; it’s complicated. I’m not sure you’d understand. Try me, Victor barges in.

Nate comes home to find Elena waiting up for him. He was still wired after she fell asleep so he went to talk to Vikki about the McCall acquisition. We have a working relationship, nothing more. That’s what Elena used to tell Devon (when she was cheating with Nate) She knows that Vikki’s ruthless and won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

Are you working on landing my company? Or Nate? Tucker thinks him a much better target than Noah. Implying that she is interested in Nate, Audra sees Vikki as more competition than Elena (but is still interested enough in Tucker enough to flirt)

Victor’s saddened that there’s conflict between Devon and Lily. Devon’s being forced to protect Neil’s legacy. McCall will be his safety net if things don’t go his way. However, if Victor can convince Lily and Jill to give him his company back, Devon might forget about buying McCall. Victor will see what he can do. Things get awkward when Abby trots downstairs wearing Devon’s shirt. Dad – what are you doing here?

Ignoring Abby, Victor’s glad to have talked to Devon. Things have become more clear to me – see you soon, he leaves. That’s not how I wanted my Dad to find out about our relationship, Abby comments. Relationship? Devon’s so happy with her ~kiss~

Elena’s suspicious; Nate’s annoyed. She hates doubting him, wants to trust him but her gut tells her otherwise. I hope you’re not gaslighting me. I’m committed to this relationship, Nate insists. That sounds like an obligation to Elena. You’re not an obligation. I’m in love with you ~kiss~

Vikki drinks alone in her suite. Looking over at the bed, she fantasizes that she and Nate are making love in it.

Next Week: You said you have an alternative for me, Jill’s interested. Victor thinks she’ll like what he has to propose… Jack’s delighted to find Maime at the front door … Traci and Nikki meet at Society. It’s finally here. Tonight is GC’s bicentennial gala. It’s going to be an unforgettable celebration.