Thursday, April 20th, 2023

At Jabot, Kyle whines that his life and marriage are hanging by a thread – he needs a distraction. Billy’s got one – what the hell’s going on with Marchetti’s operation budget from last quarter.

Abby meets the new Moms outside Society, then leads them in. Surprise! All applaud (by all, I mean Noah, Sharon and Elena)

Visiting Diane, Jack trips all over himself trying to make things easier for her. Hushing him up, she claims the only thing he can do for her is ‘don’t come back’.

At CL’s, Chance tries to persuade Chris that Diane was working with Jeremy (who transferred his inheritance and disappeared) Maybe if we put pressure on Diane, she’ll tell them where Stark is. Did someone mention my client’s name? Mike strolls over to ask.

Kyle explains that Marchetti spent more last quarter because they added employees after acquiring the textile mills.

Having joined Chance and Chris, Mike pooh pooh’s the idea of having his client plead guilty to a murder she didn’t commit. We want Stark, Chance blurts out. Chris balks at Mike being ‘not interested’ in a reduced sentence for ‘cooperating’.

Getting testy, Diane’s shutting down – just as she did after faking her death. She loves Jack too much to put him (Kyle and Harrison) through this. She’ll do what she must to survive.

Back at Jabot, Billy’s idea is to integrate Jabot and Marchetti’s advertising – Tessa can represent both brands. No, Marchetti’s a luxury brand while Jabot offers products for all budgets. Kyle scoffs at the notion that Billy knows everything after being there for two hours.

Sharon delivers a nice speech as Aria sits contentedly in Tessa’s lap – to family. To family, all echo then drink.

Mariah’s holding Aria as Abby recites her little speech. Noah offers free babysitting and a set of books (Ally’s stuck at the lab) Aria has the two coolest Mom’s.

Noting how many times Billy’s been fired or left a company, Kyle rejects his ideas and marches towards the door. I know you’re trying to distract me with your stupid idea – thanks, he says gruffly. You’re welcome, Billy’s left wearing a little smile.