Friday, April 21st, 2023

On the phone in Jack’s office, Billy has ‘no comment’ as he texts Chelsea. Thanking her for lunch, he’ll pick up dinner.

Jack’s trying to save his fiancee from spending her life behind bars – or, as Ashley sees it, once again Diane doesn’t have to face consequences for her actions.

You just had a bad dream, Lily reassures Daniel after he wakes up flailing beside her in bed.

Sign the contract and your company will become mine, Victor tells Tucker.

Over drinks in Jack’s office, Kyle updates Billy that his Mom doesn’t want any of them to visit her. It’s good that you’re supporting Diane but don’t do so at the expense of your marriage to Summer, Billy warns.

The level of spite is outrageous! Jack’s pissed. So’s Ashley – Diane got the job, the house and the ring on her finger!

Victor has no sympathy for Tucker – the company will thrive (though he may rename it) Tucker would like to go over the contract one more time. Victor would like him to sign it.

No, Kyle and Summer aren’t fighting. She’s convinced my Mother killed hers and has even moved to another bedroom. Kyle must clear his Mother’s name to save his marriage. Talking only makes things worse. Billy hears him but thinks he’s dead wrong. There’s a better way to help Summer.

Jack had doubts about Diane but set them aside – she’s not capable of murder. And I didn’t choose Diane over Phyllis. One did not preclude the other. I’m defending Diane while also mourning Phyllis! Ashley watched him turn his back on Phyllis when Diane returned. Jack blames Jeremy. People can change and grow. Diane’s changed. He’ll defend the woman he still intends to marry. Ashley thinks Diane will drag the family legacy down with her.

We’re still in bed – it’s too late to pretend nothing happened – but we don’t have to make it more than it was, Lily’s just happy if she can help Daniel find solace. You’ll carry this loss forever. The most important thing is taking care of yourself.

Summer doesn’t want to be in the same room with me – pushing her won’t work. Distance can become a chasm, Billy suggests Kyle not talk about their Mothers. Reassure Summer that you aren’t going anywhere – wait with open arms.

Drinking alone? Audra joins Tucker at the lounge. What are we drinking and thinking about? Being alone vs. being lonely. We had some good times, they agree. Tucker’s going back up to his room – join me?