Monday, April 24th, 2023

About to stroll into Society, Victor gets a call. You’re now the proud owner of McCall Unlimited, Tucker unhappily informs him.

Inside, Ashley relays her argument with Jack to Abby (who thinks her Uncle might be right – maybe you should move out)

Back in her suite, Sally’s gushing to Nick about her baby’s heartbeat and sonogram when Adam follows them through the door left wide open. We’re having a baby girl, he grins – incredible. Nick can’t roll his eyes further back into his head.

At CL’s, Chance reports having no luck finding Stark. Chris wonders if Mike’s had better luck since he and Jack are so sure he’s the killer.

Jack thanks Lauren for meeting him (on the patio) Go ahead, say it – you hate me for convincing Mike to take Diane’s case, he assumes.

Lauren tells Jack that she and Mike aren’t discussing him taking Diane’s case – it just leads to an argument. She could use a friend and knows Jack could too. Yes – Ally moved in with Noah and Traci’s in New York, he updates. Lauren misses Phyllis every day and doesn’t see a resolution that will bring anyone peace.

Denying that she’s taking her Uncle Jack’s side, Abby goes to the kitchen. Photos of Dom at the zoo will cheer her Mom up. Ashley gets a text from Tucker – he has something for her before he leaves town.

Though captivated with her baby’s sonogram, Sally’s clearly uncomfortable as she tries to navigate the tension between the territorial brothers.

Getting a text from his Dad, Nick reluctantly gives Sally a kiss on the cheek and offers to walk Adam out. Nope, he’s staying. And as soon as Nick leaves, Sally goes to perch beside him. Both are giddy about their baby girl.

Victor’s telling Abby that he doesn’t blame her Mother for being pissed that everyone’s defending Diane when Nick rushes in. Victor announces that he now owns McCall. The company’s in bad shape – he’d like Nick to help Adam run it.

Nick has no interest in working at the company his Dad bought to keep Adam out of trouble. Victor wags his finger – if you can get along with Adam for the sake of the baby, you can do it for the sake of family unity. That’s a new low – I don’t have time for this, Nick stands. Victor’s not finished yet.

Back in the suite, Sally appreciates the way Adam’s handling all this. He doesn’t want to upset Nick so will stay in his lane – the Daddy lane. It’s probably for the best that we’re having a daughter – less chance she’ll turn out like me.

Jack sees no need to leave the coffee shop just because Chris is inside with Chance. Lauren can’t wrap her head around Phyllis being gone. What are we going to do without her???

You came, Tucker wipes a tear from his eye when Ashley shows up. He shows her proof of payment on his phone – his debt to her is paid in full. Chiding him for quitting and slinking out of town, Ashley invites Tucker to move in with her.