Monday, May 1st, 2023

JT did things he’ll regret forever when he had the brain tumour. Elena thinks his story will inspire others. Let’s book your flight and hotel. No way – JT will never come to GC.

Nate finds Vikki irresistible. You like me? she fishes. Yes, Nate likes everything about her – this is far more than physical attraction. What do we do now? she wonders.

Tangled up with Kyle on the couch, Summer wishes they could sit like this forever. I love you. I love you more. But, when he goes to make them something to eat, Summer flashes back to her Mom saying – you can save your Mother in Law, or you can save me – then runs out.

Nikki’s sure Nick will do a great job with the baby. They do like me, he quips. When Adam shows up to talk to Adam, Nikki’s sincere in her congratulations. After she leaves, Adam clarifies that his visit isn’t about business, it’s about Victor.

At Society. Victor opines that his sons have a habit of falling in love with the same woman. Her relationship with Adam is over and she’s happy with Nick. Victor isn’t there to discuss her love life – he’s there to discuss things she should know before the baby’s born.

Nate wanted to be the man he used to be. Not in a hotel room with the wrong woman, Vikki sighs. The right woman, wrong time, Nate corrects. Why is being with you so easy? Because you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.
Elena can’t imagine people blaming JT for things he did when he had the brain tumour. She’d love for him to come to GC. Think about it and let me know – best of luck to you, she closes her tablet.

Like Sally, Victor didn’t have a good childhood – but this baby will have everything. Sally appreciates him welcoming her daughter into the family. Sorry that he told Jill not to hire Sally, Victor now has a proposition for her.

Adam updates Nick that he stopped by Sally’s to get the ball rolling on a trust fund for the baby – I don’t want to step on any toes. Dad summoned her. Thanks for telling me, Nick makes it clear that he’s about to go shut that down. Oh no? Who’s gonna stop me? Adam will.

Joking about how they’ll need to stay away from one another, Vikki’s going to have a shower – alone. Don’t look, she drops her robe. Nate can resist the urge to look.

Back at CL’s for an update, Audra’s disappointed to hear that JT won’t come to GC (to snap Vikki back into reality) He’s just a nice guy, Elena can’t drag him into her relationship problems – but, she is going to LA to find out what’s going on. Audra’s left wearing a satisfied smile.

Sally was adamant about meeting Dad alone, Adam doesn’t think Nick should go (though it was his initial reaction too) Nick thanks Adam for telling him. There’s nothing I won’t do for those two, Adam claims.

Back at Society Victor will finance whatever business Sally embarks upon – no strings – except that she can’t start this business in GC. My baby stays and I go, Sally remains calm. Victor leaves with the belief that she’ll make the best decision for her and the baby.