Monday, May 1st, 2023

Nick thanks his Mom for finding the Abu Dhabi blueprints – then pouts when she mentions hearing that Sally and Adam are having a girl.

When Adam turns up at her hotel suite, Sally assumes (incorrectly) that his visit has something to do with Victor asking to see her.

At home, Summer fiddles with her wedding ring as she flashes back to the conversation she had with her Mom in the park. When Kyle quietly joins her, she hugs him tightly.

Audra has good news for Elena – she was able to track down JT Hellstrum.

In bed, Vikki and Nate discuss avocado toast and his inability to stay away from her.

Sally’s not afraid of Victor – but it is unsettling that he summoned her. And, if Adam’s not there at his father’s bidding, why is he there?

Nikki’s not pleased to hear that Victor tried to ‘poach’ Nick and he’s not pleased when she comments that children bring parents together and that Sally and Adam have a lot of chemistry. If they’re so perfect together, why aren’t they together right now? Nick challenges. Nikki throws the question right back in his face – yeah, why AREN’T they???

Kyle’s so happy that Summer’s hugging him that he backs off on asking her about the errand that might bring her closure. No, she doesn’t blame him for her Mom’s death.

Adam announces that he’s planning a trust fund for the baby. She and her Mom will want for nothing. Money’s great, but Sally knows that true worth comes from within. For now, Victor is waiting, she shows Adam out.

Recalling how many years Adam clung onto Sharon, Nikki doubts Sally will be able to keep him out of her life. She scoffs at setting ‘boundaries’. You can put up fences but flowers will bloom where they choose to. Nick’s secure in his relationship with Sally – Adam’s the one who’ll have to figure out where he fits in.

Nate doesn’t feel good about cheating on Elena so is compelled to do the right thing.

On the patio, Elena chats with JT (via video) He’s not crazy about revisiting a tragic time in his life but since she works for Newman, he assumes the request came from Vikki. I owe it to her to hear you out.

Summer doesn’t want to sleep in the guestroom but doesn’t want to discuss Diane’s situation. She gives Kyle another hug.