Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Shortly after Mariah’s wheeled Aria’s stroller into CL’s, Sharon suspects there’s something else going on besides lack of sleep.

Daniel delivers coffee to Lily’s office in hopes that he can talk to her. More nightmares? Kinda – but this is happening in real life.

‘You’re the only one who can know what happened’. Summer’s in the park agonizing over her Mom’s revelation when Chance appears.

Diane’s not happy that Jack’s come to visit – again. He again asks – will you marry me? Your proposal isn’t romantic, it’s denial – and that breaks Diane’s heart.

Mariah confides to her Mom that someone asked her if Aria was her first child – she didn’t know how to respond. Sharon can relate – it’s complicated for her too because of Cassie.

Daniel relays his strange conversation with Summer in the park last night. She’s falling apart. He tells Lily that he’s scared for his sister.

Summer doesn’t mind Chance intruding – the park’s named after your family. Shouldn’t you be out looking for Stark’s killer? He’s only consulting because Stark was found out of his jurisdiction. There to think, Chance assumes that he and Summer have the same things on their minds.

This isn’t denial – this is devotion, confidence – Jack just wants to marry Diane ASAP. I’m stuck in here – you have a life to live. You ARE my life, Jack fails to change her mind – she won’t drag him down with her. Jack then drops the bomb – Stark’s dead.

Daniel updates Lily on Summer’s ‘fantasy’. She’s enraged. He’s at a loss on how to help his sister when he’s struggling himself. Lily knows how soul-crushing it is to lose someone. Daniel’s so glad to have reconnected with Lily and hopes she’s not having regret.

Jack reports that Stark was murdered, likely by someone with a grudge. How does Diane feel about that? Initially relieved – but now the only person who can clear her name is dead!