Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

In the park, Summer finally convinces Daniel that their Mom’s alive – and killed Stark. Our Mom’s alive! Where is she now? Daniel seems more angry than joyful.

Mike brings good news to Diane. He’ll have her out of here by the end of the day.

Ashley comes down as Jack ends a call to request a big cashier’s cheque. What’s that about? Jack gripes about privacy – moving Tucker in is a new low, even for you.

When Tucker stops by CW, Devon declines going out for coffee. OK, he’ll just say what he has to here. McCall’s sold to Newman but he’s not leaving town. Tucker’s staying for Devon and Dom.

Vikki and Nate are dining in the outdoor restaurant because their dinner meeting got pushed til breakfast. She’s impressed – on every front. Nate does have something to say (as Elena appears to watch in the background)

Arms folded, eyes narrowed, Elena watches as Nate and Vikki hold hands across the table as they agree to focus on business. So, is this what traveling alone looks like?! Elena marches over to bust them.

Tucker has a proposal for Devon – he’d like to honour Neil tonight by announcing the Neil Winters Jazz Festival. Devon breaks into a big grin of approval.

Mike’s arranged another arraignment with a more favourable Judge. Jack sent over these clothes – try not to look like a flight risk, he jokes.

Summer doesn’t know where Mom is – she could be watching over us or long gone. No, she’s not OK with this but blames Stark. Daniel’s PISSED.

Mom could go to prison for the rest of her life – we’d lose her all over again – we can’t let that happen, Summer pleads with Daniel.

Jack doesn’t want Tucker under ‘his’ roof. He’s a stranger to Harrison – what’s he supposed to call Tucker? Diane’s family – and she’s coming home today, Jack updates Ashley.

Devon politely tells Tucker that tonight’s just an intimate gathering of family and close friends. No festival announcements. Even if a festival were to be announced, it wouldn’t be Tucker’s announcement to make.

What a surprise, Vikki asks if Elena’s hungry – then leaves her to confront Nate – what’s going on between you and Vikki? We slept together, Nate’s rewarded with a glass of water thrown at his face.

Now seated across from Nate, Elena unleashes her disappointment and anger – you’re pathetic. Nate didn’t come to LA intending to sleep with Vikki. You’ve got this all wrong. Elena feels like a fool – her instincts were right all along. How long has this been going on???

Tucker’s putting roots down in GC. Ashley asked me to move in with her. Devon looks surprised and skeptical.

Jack intends to bring Diane home, where she belongs. Ashley snaps – this isn’t her home and she doesn’t belong.

Summer begs Daniel not to tell anyone. Maybe it’s best we let Mom disappear and start a new life without us. You’re OK with that? Daniel’s aghast – and with Diane possibly being convicted and sent to prison??