Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Lost in memories of Neil, Lily’s surprised when Daniel arrives at the jazz lounge. You shouldn’t be here, she blurts out.

At the penthouse, Abby and Devon are looking forward to memorializing Neil on the anniversary of his death. Tucker will be there – Devon hopes he remembers it’s not the place to announce his festival idea.

Neither are touching their dinner at Society as Tucker and Ashley hope Devon realizes he’s sincere in wanting to reconnect.

Adam’s asked Chelsea to meet him down in the coffee shop to update that he and Sally are having a girl. He thinks it time they tell Connor.

Sally’s flashing back to Victor describing the idyllic childhood her daughter can have at the ranch, surrounded by cousins, aunts and uncles when Nick arrives.

Lily doesn’t think Daniel should be at the place his Mom collapsed. He wasn’t there for Neil’s funeral four years ago – so wants to be there tonight.

Abby thinks Devon should give Tucker a second chance. No, she hasn’t talked to her Mom. Not wanting her to be blindsided, Devon informs that she asked Tucker to move in with her.

Finally getting a curt summons from Abby, Ashley agrees with Tucker – she knows.

Sally isn’t drowning in a puddle of tears – how did Nick know about her chat with Victor? She appreciates him and Adam not charging into Society to rescue her. No, he didn’t threaten her – but he laid out his agenda. Your father will do whatever it takes to keep me away from you, Adam and the rest of his precious family.

Adam doesn’t want Connor to see Sally and figure it out for himself. Chelsea agrees – it should come from us. No time like the present – he’ll be back from soccer any minute.

Devon’s gone before Ashley arrives. What are you thinking? Abby challenges her.

Devon admires the framed photos on display. It’s been so long yet feels like just yesterday. Lily knows he’s looking down on them, very proud.