Friday, May 5th, 2023

Mom? Mom? Kyle rushes into the house and Diane’s arms. I’m so glad you’re home, he says as Jack watches, smiling.

Across town, in Neil’s jazz lounge, Devon’s also enjoying a reunion with his Mom. Tucker reached out to Harmony and even sent a fancy car to bring her. Huh, Tucker did that? Devon’s smile fades as he looks at his Dad.

Jack and Kyle refuse to give up until Diane’s name is cleared. She knows that not everyone believes her – including Summer. That issue put aside, Diane gets a shock. Tucker McCall is living here!?

Tucker races over to Devon and couldn’t be happier when his son shakes his hand and thanks him for his incredible gesture. Ashley doesn’t appear quite as impressed.

Jack and Kyle will do everything they can to contain Tucker. Summer’s surprised to find Diane at the house. What are you doing here?

Devon can’t believe he’s even looking at his Mom. She can’t either – Anna wasn’t available since she’s touring with Jett. Harmony can’t wait to meet her grandbaby. Devon thinks his Mom ‘amazing’ – you’ve been clean and sober for two decades and have a degree. Harmony loves her new job. It seems like Tucker’s trying. Making this happen is a great start, Devon’s impressed.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Victor and Tucker chat. Nikki and Abby praise one another for their event-planning skills. Nate arrives to say that he just came from the airport. Elena? She couldn’t make it.

Victor’s speech about Neil is mostly an hommage to the father he was to Lily and Devon. Cheers to Neil and his memory. All take a drink.

Jack gently tells Summer that Diane’s innocent.

Lily and Devon, followed by Abby thank Victor. He’s proud that Devon’s becoming part of his family. It means a helluva lot to him that he makes Abby happy. It feels so right to her.

Sharon and Nikki offer their full support to Daniel (who’s so moved he has to excuse himself)

Ordering a drink at the bar, Devon joins Nate. Both are happy he came. It’s what Neil would have wanted. Elena? She’s probably home sleeping. Devon seems slightly suspicious.