Monday, May 8th, 2023

At CL’s, Nate flashes back to sex with Vikki and Elena confronting them. Refilling his coffee, Sharon asks what’s wrong.

Weeping over a framed photo, Elena flashes back to Nate pleading for a chance to prove that he’s a changed man, worthy and committed to their relationship.

In the living room, Diane wishes she could stay wrapped in Jack’s arms. She’s sorry she drove Summer out. Hopefully, Kyle found her. Ashley comes home (with Tucker) OMG, what are you doing here!?

A worried Kyle leaves Summer a message then listens to Mariah blather on until she notices that something’s going on with him.

In the park, Summer and Daniel argue about whether to keep their mom’s secret. She HAD to tell him that Phyllis is alive but won’t let her brother blow everything up.

Summer WILL tell the truth – after they figure out a way to keep their mom out of prison. This isn’t about your conscience, this is about Mom. Daniel agrees – he DID blow up his family – but he learned from it. How can you look Kyle in the eye?

Mariah encourages Kyle to ‘spill’. He updates that his Mom’s home but he can’t find Summer. Mariah understands that it’d be hard for her to live under the same roof as the woman accused of murdering her Mom. Summer’s angry and grieving. Kyle’s hurt that his wife thinks he’s defending a murderer.

Ordered to keep it down so Harrison doesn’t hear her, Ashley quips ‘at least MY guest hasn’t killed anyone’. Diane sarcastically welcomes Tucker. Not done yet, Ashley asks Jack how he got his homicidal, flight-risk fiancee out of jail.

Mike was able to get another arraignment with a fair Judge, Jack explains. Why would I want to leave my home? Diane just wants to find a way to coexist (since she can’t leave the grounds) Have you no shame? Ashley asks – forcing poor Summer to live with the woman accused of murdering her mother.

Over drinks at Society, Kyle’s determined not to lose his wife. He appreciates Mariah listening. She hopes he finds Summer – and the proof to clear his Mom. So do I, Kyle leaves.

Diane’s not ‘rotting in a cell’ Summer informs Daniel that she’s out. Mom’s alive – we’ve got a second chance. Help me find a way to bring her home, Summer believes they just need time to find a way. No, Daniel’s firm – Kyle needs to know that Mom’s alive – his Mom’s innocent.