Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

No, Nikki’s not surprised to find Vikki at work – she ran into Nate last night. Vikki saw no reason to extend the trip – they accomplished their goal.

Joining Elena at CL’s, Audra’s updated. Nate admitted that he’s cheating with Vikki. What will you do now? she asks Elena (who shrugs and leaves without further word)

At Society, Adam and Chelsea are at a loss as to why Connor’s been so moody since he was told about the baby. When notices Billy talking on his phone at the entrance, Chelsea asks him to promise he won’t say anything negative.

After a night implementing his legendary spooning skills, Nick reluctantly declines Sally’s offer of breakfast in bed. She assumes that the important thing he needs to attend to is confronting his father.

Assuring Sally that this won’t turn into a Newman war, Nick says that just because he’s skipping breakfast, doesn’t mean she should too – eat, he instructs with a kiss.

Chelsea’s sure that Connor will adjust once the baby’s born. Wanting to believe that, Adam leaves. Billy joins Chelsea to comment on Adam being civil and asks how things are going with Connor. He’s a bright kid and he trusts you.

Nikki can see that something’s wrong with Vikki. OK, something did happen. She admits that her relationship with Nate started as business but has become more personal.

At CL’s, Sally and Chloe are ‘firing on all cylinders’. Sally’s found an ergonomics expert and Chloe’s got a marketing/web guru who can put their business on the map. Sure that Jill’s on their side this time, Sally answers her call. Her babble of ideas interrupted, her smile turns upside down.

On the patio, Elena tells Audra that it’s over – she told Nate to go to hell. No, she won’t forgive him – she packed up and left her key. She’s disgusted; Vikki can have Nate – they deserve each other.

Vikki tells her Mom that Elena surprised her and Nate in LA. He confessed to her. Yes, it’s been going on for some time. Nikki senses the same tone Victor would use and wonders if Vikki’s thought about how her ‘undeniable connection’ to Nate will affect the company.

Nick confronts Victor at Society. You’ve gone too far. You want to banish her from GC and take her baby away from her.