Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

Daniel’s about to text Summer when she walks into CL’s. Spotting him, her escape is thwarted by Sharon’s hug. Over her shoulder, the siblings lock eyes.

Over plates of untouched food, Ashley and Tucker discuss Diane.

Sally’s in the park when Adam calls to announces that it’s official; McCall is his to run and he wants to hire Sally. When Nick appears, she asks him to hear her out before reacting.

Ashley’s pleased that Tucker will make it his mission to make Diane miserable. When Adam stops by their table, he ignores Tucker’s ‘kiss my ass’ and rambles on about what bad shape McCall’s in. Tucker takes Ashley’s hand across the table – he’s beginning to think she cares for him.

Sharon gently coaches Summer (assuming she’s grieving of course) Summer appreciates it but must get going. Daniel appears – he’d like a word with his sister.

Nick would like to partner with Sally on her ‘sure thing’. Why is she being ‘cagey’? She’d be working at McCall – for Adam.

Adam’s trying to insinuate himself into your life. Of course Nick believes in Sally’s talent but she’s kidding herself if she thinks Victor won’t be involved with McCall. He and Adam are trying to exert control over you – you and your baby don’t need that.

At Jabot, Jack asks Ashley to put her snide remarks about Diane aside for a moment. I love and miss you. In his office, Jack thinks she’s being so hard on him and Diane to avoid her feelings for Tucker; feelings she shouldn’t have.

Tucker joins Diane on the Abbott terrace to needle her. She sits – OK, go ahead – you’ve got my attention.

Sitting with the ‘self-righteous’ Daniel, Summer frets – Mom’s going through hell. Of her own creation, Daniel quips. Summer wishes she’d listened and not called him. She called me too, he surprises her.

Daniel’s not sure who called him last night – this is driving us both crazy. Summer’s investigating matters and is scared for their Mom. Chance eavesdrops on the patio as Daniel wonders what Mom’s doing while Diane’s being convicted for a murder she didn’t commit. This could blow up my marriage too – how can you not see that!? Summer storms out.

Back in his office, Jack points out the difference – Diane’s change, Tucker hasn’t. She’s charged with murder – and you think you’re making better choices than me? Shove it! Save your pity, for yourself – at least I can open my heart. Ashley marches out.

Tucker’s sure Diane’s past will come out during her trial. It’ll force Jack and Kyle to suffer all over again – do you want to be responsible for tanking Kyle and Summer’s marriage? He offers her a way out of here.