Thursday, May 11th, 2023

Replying to Daniel’s text, Jack invites him to drop by the house. He’s home all day. He then accosts Tucker – you’ve sunk to a new low – let’s talk, shall we?

Strolling into CL’s, Mike quickly pounced on by Daniel – we need need a lawyer and you’re the best in town. Where are we going? The Abbott house? To prove once and for all that Diane didn’t kill my mother.

At Society, Johnny and Billy wonder what’s keeping Chelsea and Connor. Reporting that Connor’s being a bit distant, Johnny suspects something’s going on. Chelsea and Connor arrive as soon as Billy tells Johnny that Sally’s having Adam’s baby.

Harmony arrives at the penthouse to gush over her adorable grandson, Dom. You’re mine all day. Devon smiles on.

Connor doesn’t appreciate Johnny’s jokes about how great it is to be a big brother; so much so that he doesn’t want to eat – he wants nothing but to go home.

Harmony’s so proud of Devon and defends Tucker. Not everyone takes to parenting the way Neil did. You’re lucky to have had him. Agreeing, Devon wonders how she really feels about him changing his name to Winters.

Tucker claims to have only shown Diane her options. At Ashley’s behest? Jack asks. No – Tucker stands by his opinion that Diane should run. You think I’m a bad guy for telling her to get out while she can?

Pointing out that Diane will always be a pariah in this town, Tucker thinks Jack should do whatever he can to get her the hell out of this place. Everyone’s so tense around here, bro, he leaves Jack almost bite his bottom lip off.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Harmony’s gone by a few names herself. Dom could grow up to be anything he wants, she and Devon list a few possibilities. Dom had so much fun playing with you. Devon has fond memories of his Mom playing with him.

When Connor can’t be coaxed out of his bad mood by pineapple and ham pizza, Billy takes him out for a walk – leaving Chelsea and Johnny looking a bit awkward.

Jack’s grumbling to Kyle about Tucker when Daniel arrives – with Mike. He’s glad Summer’s not here; she’s not ready for what I’m about to say. Without fanfare, he announces that Phyllis is alive.

Outside of Society, Billy asks Connor what he’s upset about. Does it even matter? he sulks. Inside, Chelsea praises Johnny for being a good brother – Connor’s lucky to have you. I’ll be right back, Johnny jumps up.

Harmony retells a story about Devon that told her who he was going to grow up to be. Dom’s blessed with things that money can’t buy. Loving people who will love and guide him.