Friday, May 12th, 2023

At CL’s, Sally throws a cold bucket of water on Adam’s ideas for her at McCall – she’s decided not to accept his job offer.

His business at the GCAC finished, Nick joins Elena at the bar. She’s not here for dinner, she’s staying there. Turns out you were right about Nate.

When Nate enters her office, Vikki doesn’t need to ask how his flight home was – looks like it was a crash landing.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott mansion, it’s Mike and Daniel (we keep this secret) vs. Kyle and Jack (we tell Diane and Summer that Phyllis is alive) Diane appears to look quizzically at the four men – is there something I should know?

Sally tells Adam that they can never work together again. No, this isn’t Nick’s decision. He pitches this once in a lifetime opportunity. We were ‘lightening in a bottle’ but Sally will never let a Newman sign her paychecks again.

Nick hopes Elena understands that he can’t discuss Nate and his sister (except to say that she deserves better than that ‘complete jackass’) Let’s crush some ice cream. Deal, she accepts.

We were just brainstorming, Jack claims. Doubting that Daniel’s there to help plan her defense, Diane expresses her sincere condolences and pleads her innocence. She’s suspicious when Daniel (too) firmly states that she’s not going to prison.

Since the GCAC doesn’t have any good ice cream flavours

Over drinks instead of ice cream, Nick and Elena exchange jokes as he tries to avoid the subject of his sister cheating with Nate.

Is that the good stuff? It’s the decent stuff, Vikki hands him a glass – we wouldn’t want to get carried away, would we? How are things with Elena? She moved out, Nate updates. You can’t fix things? He doesn’t want to.

When Sally asks if he’ll respect her decision, Adam replies rhetorically ‘ what don’t I respect about you?

Overjoyed that Daniel believes she’s innocent, Diane now has hopes that a Judge will too. Knowing how Summer feels, she assures ‘good man’ Daniel that his secret’s safe with us.

After Diane exits the room, Mike reasserts that they say nothing until Phyllis is brought back. Safely and without prison, Daniel adds.