Monday, May 15th, 2023

Billy finds Summer checking her phone in the jazz lounge. His effort to empathize doesn’t go over well. We all know how you felt about my Mom, she snarls.

When Daniel shows up at CL’s, Chelsea comments that he looks like he could use a friend – what’s up? Oh, you know, just waiting for some bombs to explode, he deadpans.

At Society, Victor ignores Jack’s not-so-subtle hints and takes a seat to asks what’s troubling him. You wouldn’t believe me, Jack assures.

Meanwhile, Kyle thinks his Mom better sit down for this. How bad is it? she asks. It could, he smiles.

Billy continues to channel his inner-therapist; Phyllis was one of a kind. Summer felt her Mom’s love overwhelming. She felt she was alone but I was always on her side.

Diane won’t let Kyle do anything illegal to help here. He says that the only one who did anything illegal is Phyllis.

Jack manages to catch himself before blabbing to Victor – but confides in Chris as soon as the mustache is out of earshot.

Diane is stunned when Kyle tells her that Phyllis faked her death.

Back at CL’s, Chelsea hands Daniel her tablet as she pitches an idea for kids. He could use the distraction to keep him sane.

Over drinks at the jazz lounge, Billy sees a lot of Phyllis in Summer. You go after what you want. The good in Phyllis will stay alive in you. Getting an apology, Billy tells Summer to lean on those who love her, especially Kyle.

Jack and Kyle (Society and the house respectively) tell Chris and Diane the truth. The former is in disbelief, the latter is PISSED.

Billy pauses in CL’s front door as Daniel and Chelsea finish ‘noodling around’. He’s not sure everyone will be as proud as Chelsea is.

Summer leaves Daniel a lengthy message. She has some ideas on how to bring Mom home safely – call me.