Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

In the jazz lounge, Summer asks Chance if he’s heard the rumour that her Mom’s alive. Chance thinks Jack and Mike just cooked this up to get Diane out. There’s more to this story. Summer wonders what would happen to her Mom IF she came back.

Audra would have liked to get with Nate but she can’t deny his connection to Vikki. She’ll help him get whatever his hearts desire. OK, but we must trust each other, Nate knows what she wants. Audra wants a job at the top.

Chance reluctantly answers Summer’s questions. Could you protect her? she knows her Mom’s scared. Chance doesn’t think it good for her mental health to talk about it.

When Tucker mocks Diane, she comes right back at him. Poor Phyllis, Ashley adds. Oh yeah? You won’t believe what poor Phyllis did … Oops – never mind. She can’t wait to see them eat humble pie.

Summer confronts Daniel at the GCAC – you stabbed Mom in the back. Yes, Kyle told her – he has respect. Daniel thinks he should be thanked. We need to find Mom and get her legal help – or we’re all screwed.

Vikki’s pleased to find Nate in her office. He’s ready to answer her question on what he wants to do next – with his lips.

Nate doesn’t want to be so forward in Vikki’s office. He’s sorry that Elena was hurt but we can’t deny our connection. They’re about to remove clothes when Nick comes knocking and shouting at the door.

Mike thinks Phyllis is laying low and trying to figure a way out of this (that’s what I’d do) Lauren’s still reeling – she wants her friend home safe and sound. Mike’s on it.

Nate thanks Vikki for the numbers and makes Nick lose his mind. I can smell his ambition a mile away. Vikki likes that he’s ambitious. You think I don’t pull my weight because I’m not power hungry.

Summer tells Daniel how many people know about this secret. It’s your fault if we never see Mom again. Kyle comes over to ask what the hell’s going on.

In the park, Tucker agrees not to talk about Diane. He loves having so much free time. The only thing on his agenda is watching Dom’s music group. He vows to prove himself to Ashley (and Devon)

Nick gives Vikki crap for taking the company jet for her fling with Nate. He saw Elena last night – she’s heartbroken. What you’re doing is wrong. Vikki hasn’t felt so respected since finding out that Ashland used her.

Kyle doesn’t want Summer to blame Daniel – Phyllis is to blame for reaching out to him. Your Mom didn’t reach out to you because of who you’re married to and who my mother is. Blame me (Kyle) not Daniel. He catches the siblings exchanging looks – what was that?

Thanking Alan, Mike ends a call to update Lauren that his PI came up with the break they’ve been waiting for.

Ashley isn’t as impressed with the video of Dom’s cacophony. Tucker puts his phone away. When you’re done watching kids bang on things, go back to the house and move your things into my room, she invites. Tucker likes his room – I’ll think about it.

You were married to a pathological liar, Nick sees a pattern with Vikki. She was deceived by Ashland and Billy too. Nate’s a liar too. See what I see, he implores of his sister. Vikki claims that her eyes are wide open – trust me.

Nate gets off the elevator as Audra’s waiting. He gives her a little nod/smile. As the elevator doors close, Audra smiles.

Summer just wants to go to work. Kyle follows – why didn’t you tell me you were meeting Daniel? He again feels shut out. We should be doing this together.

Mike tells Lauren that his PI found Stark’s last ‘abode’; a low-rent motel on the outskirts of the city. He can’t wait to tell Jack where Phyllis might be hiding.