Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

When Mariah and Tessa wheel Aria into CL’s, Sharon channels her inner Chandler – could she be any more perfect? Excited to be babysitting, Sharon’s ready for whatever the night brings.

Meeting Chance at Society, Chris needs a rock solid case to win. Mike’s latest strategy is a doozy – she didn’t expect his defense to be that the victim is still alive.

Tucker shows Ashley another video of Dom’s music class. One of the instructors recognized him and they even played one of his songs for the kids to bang away to. Next time he’ll bring a play list; Tucker McCall’s greatest hits. When she questions the change in him, Tucker credits Ashley ‘you, the wonderful you’.

Abby and Devon come down commenting on how tired Dom was after his music class. Tucker seems to sincerely want to be part of our lives. Is he a changed man? Abby still worries that it’s an act to win her Mom back.

Letting themselves into the motel room, Jack doesn’t know what he and Kyle are looking for – but we’ll know it when we find it, he’s sure.

Back at Society, Chance goes over the evidence against Diane – the fight, the vial of poison, the message Phyllis left for Mike. There’s a lot of holes in the case. Chris is also perturbed that someone in the department leaked the murder weapon.

The motel room was rented to Spencer Jenkins. It seems that Jack paid off the manager to let them in. Gloves on, he and Kyle begin searching for proof that Phyllis is still alive.

Devon agrees that they should be cautious where Tucker’s concerned. He wonders how Abby feels about her Mom being in a relationship with him.

His good mood questioned, Tucker’s uplifted by Dom’s gift for music – and Ashley’s invitation to move into her bedroom. Hello lovebirds, Diane appears with a stack of bridal magazines. Perhaps Ashley could help her pick out the perfect wedding dress for when she becomes Mrs Jack Abbott.

Mariah and Tessa are excited about date night but clearly anxious about leaving Aria with Sharon. Yes, she installed the car seat properly and had it checked. Relax – watching a baby is like riding a bike. When the new Mom’s try to back out, Sharon insists that date night is ON.

After taking a call, Chance reports a new development. He explains to Chris that the guy he was supposed to be following that night had already been picked up by Chicago PD. Someone wanted you far away from the jazz lounge, Chris concludes.

Jack comes out of the bathroom with a baggie containing some strands of red hair. Yes, Kyle can get something of Summer’s to compare the DNA. This could be the break they’ve been looking for.