Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

At CL’s, Lauren’s another person let in on the worst kept secret EVER. Mike thinks he’s the only one who told someone – because Lauren’s discreet. She knows her friend didn’t do any of this willingly.

On the terrace, Summer thanks Kyle for giving her time to think (sounds like she slept in a guest bedroom) He feels like he’s being shut out; like he doesn’t even know Summer.

Inside, Diane looks like she’s ready to go toe to toe with Ashley.

At Society, Nikki suspects Vikki’s good mood isn’t due to business – it’s to do with Nate.

When Nate appears in the park with a coffee for Nate, he puts it down and blasts her for sending Elena to LA. What is wrong with you?!

Goaded by Diane, Ashley wonders why she’s suddenly so confident. Diane lists all the people on her side.

Summer asks for a little more time. Kyle persists – my Mom didn’t do anything to Phyllis. Summer’s had enough. I’ve gotta do something – see you at work.

Vikki doesn’t want to talk about Nate – let’s talk about Dad buying Adam a company to run. Nikki worries that her daughter’s only goal is to conquer.

Audra had no idea that Nate said he went to LA alone. Isn’t this breakup best for everyone? Let it go – let her go. Elena will be fine without you. Audra’s figured it out – Nate wants to be running NE beside Vikki.

Still in the park, Audra’s impressed that Nate managed to get an in with Vikki; personally and professionally AND making it seem like it was her idea. No, it took us both by surprise, Nate thinks Vikki’s the most amazing woman he’s ever met (and told her so last night) Audra admits that she’s attracted to Nate. He wonders if she thinks blowing up his relationship with Elena would clear the path for her.

On the CL’s patio, Lauren can’t believe Phyllis would do this to them. Maybe she did all this to put Diane in the same hell she went through. Lauren’s in tears and heartbroken. How do we come back from this? How does she?