Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

When Diane asks Ashley to stand up for her, Tucker hustles her outside. I want to kill her! she’s furious. Tucker calms her down with a kiss – let’s go celebrate. Inside, Diane’s looks mighty pleased with herself.

Abby makes fun of Devon having his ‘special’ package being delivered by his courier then plants the seed that they should buy a house. Dom will soon need a bigger room and a yard to play in. Ding dong – Devon’s package has arrived.

Making time for yourselves will make you better parents, Sharon jokes about Tessa and Mariah being helicopter parents. We’ll be fine, Sharon looks forward to taking Aria home so they can get to know one another. The new Mom’s finally manage to pull themselves away from the stroller and leave for their date.

The delivered paperwork open, Devon announces that it’s official – his last name is Hamilton Winters. He likes Abby’s idea to go celebrate at Neil’s jazz lounge.

Chris suspects that Diane was the one to call in the tip that sent Chance out of town. The call came from a man, Chance thinks it was Stark. He’s no longer sure that Diane did this alone.

Coming across a program for Phyllis’ celebration of life, Diane rips it up. Frustrated to be wearing the ankle monitor, she settles for shouting out the front door. Phyllis! I know you’re out there! You WILL be found!

Stopping by Mariah and Tessa’s table in the GCAC dining room, Abby and Devon give them a pep talk. Join us in the jazz lounge later. Tessa and Mariah are left to admire photos of Aria on their phones.

Chance thinks that Phyllis and Stark were in it together – the evidence against Diane is circumstantial. You don’t think Phyllis would fake her death? Chris knows better than anyone how ruthless Phyllis can be but she wouldn’t do that to her kids.

Now home, Jack and Kyle hope the lab results come back soon. Luckily, Summer left a hairbrush in the car. Kyle then tells Jack about the tension he’s witnessed between her and Daniel. Summer’s suffering. How could Phyllis do this to her kids? When Diane joins them, Jack can only say that he hopes they get good news soon.

Mariah and Tessa haven’t even ordered before agreeing that something’s different. They don’t want to drink in case Aria needs them.

Sharon opens a surprise delivery – champagne. The enclosed note reads ‘Memories are what life is made of’.

Tears in his eyes and drink in hand, Devon says a few touching words to Neil’s portrait. Running into Ashley and Tucker at the bar, they sit to discuss Dom’s music class. Seems that both Tucker and Abby have made good impressions. Devon then announces that he’s changed his name to Hamilton Winters.

Diane’s not sure Chris will drop the case against her over a few strands of hair. It’s a start, Jack and Kyle point out that Phyllis’ hair shouldn’t even be in that motel room. Jack gets a call …..

Tucker thinks that Devon taking Neil’s last name is a touching tribute. All four drink when Abby makes a toast.

Stay focused on the facts, Chris leaves Chance to answer Jack’s call. No, he’s not giving Summer false hope. He has DNA evidence to prove that Phyllis is alive – just think what a real detective could find.

As Sharon wonders who sent her the champagne, someone’s watching her from the patio; someone with bad intent if the ominous music is anything to go by.