Thursday, May 18th, 2023

The scary person is still spying on Sharon when Adam comes through CL’s front door. Admiring Aria, he’s not sure how to be a girl-Dad. Coming through the patio, Sally pauses to listen.

Nick declines his Dad’s offer to join him, he’s at Society for take out for his guys night with Christian. Praised for his parenting skills, Nick would rather talk about Victor’s parenting skills.

We killed that pitch in LA, Vikki’s sure the acquisition will go through. She generally gets what she wants. It is your super power, Nate says. He frowns when getting a text from Elena – letting him know the storage facility he can send her things too.

At the jazz lounge, Ashley and Devon sit at the bar while Tucker takes Abby to the dancefloor.

Chance drops by the Abbott home. He got a cryptic call from Jack saying he found new evidence to support Phyllis being alive. Do you know anything about that? he asks Summer.

Jack found evidence that my Mom’s alive? DNA would be definitive proof right? Chance is trying to keep an open mind. If this is a ploy, he’d hate for Summer to get her hopes up. Summer knows her Mom’s alive. When did you decide that? Chance wonders.

Sally continues to eavesdrop. Adam wants his daughter to inherit his Mom’s strength and intelligence and Sally’s soul. Sharon’s sure he’ll be a great dad. Sally walks in to agree. When Adam excuses himself to deal with McCall business, Sharon comments on his ‘fake texting’. That’s because I made things awkward, Sally admits. You’ll figure out how to co-parent.

Nick rants to his Dad about Nate – he’s not safe for her or Newman.

Nate still feels guilty about Elena – we drifted apart. He feels terrible for cheating on Elena but his mind is made up ~kiss~

Nate and Vikki decide to go out for a drink.

On the dancefloor, Abby and Tucker talk about Dom’s music class. He likes that she’s protective of her son and Mom. He’s a changed man. And he loves Ashley. He bets (correctly) that she didn’t tell Abby that he proposed to her.

Still in the restaurant, Mariah and Tessa remind themselves that Aria came to them out of love. Yes, we’re really going to do this ~kiss~ (book a suite upstairs)

Now it’s time for Adam to eavesdrop as Sally asks Sharon in her baby can pick up on her stress. Enjoy your pregnancy, she advises. Needing to take care of something in the back, Sharon leaves Sally to watch Aria. Adam appears – he hates that she feels uncomfortable around him.