Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Sally’s not uncomfortable around Adam. This baby bonds us, he says – we’re in this together.

The suite dimly lit by candles, Tessa and Mariah kiss romantically as they shed their clothes and get into bed.

Chance notes Summer’s change of heart – that she’s now believes her Mom’s alive. Daniel wouldn’t lie to me. If you’re to here to see what proof Jack has, Summer assumes that Chance believes her Mom’s alive too.

Devon was surprised to hear that Ashley invited Tucker to move in with him. Abby comes back all fired up – is it true? Did he propose? Please tell me you haven’t said yes. Tucker loves Ashley; he’d be the happiest man in the world if she said yes.

Reminding his Dad that Nate turned on Devon and Lily so easily, Nick asks – what makes you think he’ll be loyal to us? Also, Vikki doesn’t have the best judgment when it comes to men. Victor finds it ironic that Nick’s judging his sisters relationship but doesn’t want anyone to question his with Sally. Nick hopes Nate doesn’t have an agenda; that he and Vikki build a healthy, loving relationship – but he knows that won’t happen.

Meanwhile, after Nate and Vikki finish their drinks at the GCAC bar, they head upstairs to to a suite – where they immediately go at HOT and HEAVY.

Chance thinks Summer’s hiding something from him. How can we help my Mom? she asks. Jack and Kyle want to bring her back to absolve Diane. Summer needs help to prove that Stark made Phyllis go along with his plan. I can’t lose her to prison. Chance thinks Jack’s new evidence might change everything.

Sally and Adam apologize to one another. He’ll never stop loving her. It’s hard for him to be around Sally. Maybe the baby can pick up on it. We’ll find a way to get through this for the baby’s sake. Sally isn’t sure Adam can respect her boundaries.

That was …. let’s not invoice it. Ignoring his phone when it pings, Nate and Vikki commence round 2.

Ashley explains that the fake engagement was just an idea to mess with Jack and Diane. Tucker chimes in to say that he hoped the fake engagement would lead to a real marriage. In fact, he still plans to propose in such a grand way that Ashley won’t be able to say no. After they leave, Abby and Devon are left to say ‘that was weird’.

Tessa and Mariah spoon in bed. We’re the luckiest. We’re in love, our beautiful baby is being taken care of. They weren’t raised by loving parents but Maria and Tessa will show Aria what a loving and equal partnership looks like ~kiss~

Chance’s talks with both Summer and Daniel lead him to believe that they’ve known Phyllis was alive for a while. You two are trying to figure out a way to deal with your Mom framing Diane and murdering Stark. If Summer wants Chance’s help, she should tell him everything she knows. There’s a lot more to this story.

Ashley’s annoyed that Tucker told Abby and Devon about their immature plan to have a fake engagement to bug Jack and Diane. Tucker forces her to describe her dream proposal.

None of this adds up. Chance believes that Phyllis would reach out to Summer before Daniel. You don’t think that stings? Summer lies weakly You saw her too and kept that from your husband, Chance sounds angry. You were willing to let his Mom go to trial for a murder YOU KNEW she didn’t commit.

Adam will let go of his fantasy about them getting back together. Nothing means more to him than the baby. Sally thanks him – if he really means it. He does. Sharon comes back to thank them for watching over Aria. After Sally leaves, Adam asks about the champagne. He wishes he was the one to give it to her – as a thank you for her friendship. He knows she went to he back to give him and Sally space. The vendor sounds so familiar to Sharon but she can’t place it. The card said – memories are what life is made of. Sounds like a secret admirer from your past (to Adam)

Sharon’s stalker continues to watch from the patio.

Next Week: Elena strolls in to the office. Well, will you look at this, the two of you together, and you have clothes on …. Billy tells Jack that Ashley might be planning a coup …Nick has the bottle of champagne in his hand. Is this a smudge of paint or something? he asks. I hate to tell you but it kinda looks like blood.