Friday, May 19th, 2023

In bed at the GCAC, Vikki tells Nate that it’s time to start building their empire. What does she have in mind? It’d be fun to destroy Adam’s success at McCall before it even gets off the ground.

Downstairs, in the dining room, Adam reminds Victor that he’s not to interfere with McCall. Having experience turning around failing companies, Victor wonders why Adam doesn’t want his help.

In the park, Chelsea and Billy missed each other yesterday. He though he’d give her space.

At CL’s, Lucy notes that something’s off with her Dad. She misses Phyllis too. Daniel has something to tell her that’ll be hard for her to understand. It’s only fair you know.

With Chance expected at the Abbott home any minute, Diane, Kyle and Chance are all eager to have her name cleared. Diane knows it must be hard for Summer to realize what her Mom’s capable of. She holds nothing against her – you’re a victim just like I was.

No, Nate doesn’t think Vikki ‘callous’ for wanting to sabotage Adam’s success, remembering how he tampered with Victor’s meds. She’s concerned Adam might focus on something he has experience in – Newman Media. Nate doesn’t mind her using NM to take Adam down. Now, let’s make out.

Victor has no hidden agenda – remember how well we worked together on Newman Media? That’s exactly where Adam plans to attack (after he sells off parts of McCall)

Summer feels no need to apologize to Diane. No, but you know I’m not to blame for what happened to your Mother. Thankfully, they didn’t tell Harrison. Summer’s Mom instincts were right, Kyle praises his wife. Summer’s not happy to hear that she’s the only one interested in helping her Mom – even unhappier when Chance arrives.

Now dressed to start their work day, Nate sends Vikki ahead – just in case Elena’s downstairs ~kiss~

Still in the park, Chelsea and Billy joke. He’s enjoying his job, stepping up to protect his father’s company. Chelsea feels the same level of appreciation with Daniel. We’ve made it through another day without messing up.

At CL’s, Lucy’s understandably puzzled as to why Phyllis would fake her death. But no, she doesn’t need to confirm with her Aunt Summer – I believe you. Daniel knows his Mom wouldn’t have done his if she were in the right frame of mind. What comes next? He’s not sure.