Friday, May 19th, 2023

Kyle and Jack are suspicious when hearing that Chance and Summer actually spoke last night. Summer’s horrified when Jack hands Chance an envelope – DNA that matches Phyllis’ hair to hers – proof that Phyllis is alive.

Phyllis’ hair could have been there before Stark checked in – or came off his clothing. No, Jack found it in the drain. He’s sure Phyllis was hiding in the motel room. Diane chimes in – she’s living it up somewhere. That’s not true, what Summer means is that Daniel made is sound like their Mom was a wreck. Chance isn’t convinced – he knows Diane and Jack aren’t above faking evidence.

Yes, Daniel must tell the police what Phyllis did. Lucy worries about him – you have the same look as you did before things got bad. Daniel promises he’ll be OK. I’m right here with you.

Mr Responsible has to get back to work. Both are busy so agree to dinner with the boys while Katie’s in ballet class tomorrow ~kiss~

Victor thinks Adam’s going against Newman Media because Vikki fired Sally and replaced him with Nate. Adam insists on taking his shot and won’t go after ‘smaller fish’. He vows to squash Newman Media. There’s my competition now, Adam spots Nate on his phone at the front door. Why is he at the GCAC so early without a gym bag? he wonders.

Ignoring Adam’s innuendos and assuming Nate’s on his way to the office, Victor thinks Adam should do the same. Good chat, Adam says sarcastically. Seconds after he leaves, Vikki comes down. Victor waves her over to ask why she’s at the club so early.

Daniel tells Lucy that Lily’s visiting her son – she offered him time off but he’s enjoying working on Omegasphere. When Chelsea comes over, she needs no introduction to video game royalty – pleasure to meet you Princess Louisa.

Chance mocks the baggie of ‘proof’ found by the fiance and son of the accused; the chain of evidence on this bag of hair is compromised. Chris has already chalked up everything Phyllis supposedly told Daniel to a leak in the department. You should have come to us instead of screwing yourself by going rogue. After Chance marches out, Summer slips out as Jack, Diane and Kyle vow not to give up.

Daniel explains that Chelsea’s working with him on another game for Omegashpere. Lucy wasn’t going to critique the beta version – she noticed that Princess Louisa’s dress is like one she wore for Halloween in grade 4. Daniel’s included some more Easter eggs for her to find. Talking about her boys, Chelsea invites Lucy to hang out with them sometime.

In the park, Audra notes that Nate’s wearing the same suit he had on yesterday. We’re on the same team – we both want more of everything.

Vikki claims that she got a room last night after a late business dinner. Victor wants to know what’s going on between her and Nate. We’re involved and enjoy each other’s company. Nick’s concerned about his intentions, Victor tattles.

Jack, Kyle and Diane’s strategy session comes to a halt when they notice that Summer’s vanished.

At Society, Summer thanks Chance for not saying anything about their discussion last night. He gives her some friendly advice. Keeping secrets from Kyle could spell trouble for your marriage.

Nate suggests Audra keeps her thought about his relationship to herself. Relationship? she has a suggestion of her own – I can be your eyes and ears at Newman. I can have your back. It comes at a price, he guesses? No worries – when Nate moves up, Newman Media is hers.

Of course Nate’s ambitious, like you and me. Nick doesn’t get it because he’s not. Victor warns her that Adam’s coming after Newman Media. Vikki welcomes it – she and Nate will be ready.

Jack’s sure Chance will come around. Diane wishes she wasn’t trapped in the house. Is there anything I can do? Yes, plan the wedding of your dreams ~kiss~

Summer thanks Chance for not pushing her. Everyone else seems to have an opinion on how she should feel. You’re the only person who can help me find my Mom and clear her name. But no, she doesn’t have anything else to tell him. Outside, she fights back tears as she gets on her phone – are you even listening to these messages? I need you to come home, Mom.