Monday, May 22nd, 2023

At the penthouse, Devon comments that he’s got more work on his plate with Lily visiting Charlie in NY. Both are glad he didn’t buy Tucker’s company; McCall is someone else’s problem.

After handing Vikki a list of McCall’s ‘weak spot’ subsidiaries that they can take advantage of, Nate’s ass kissing is interrupted when Nick and his attitude march into the office. Sorry to interrupt (he’s NOT) I need to speak to my sister – if that’s alright.

When ‘Audra freaking Charles’ joins Tucker in the park to ask where the love of his life (Ashley is) he wonders if she’s jealous or intensely jealous.

At Society, Jack’s too distracted by thoughts of clearing Diane’s name to pay attention to Billy’s update on Jabot – until he hears that Ashley might be planning a coup!

No, the ‘honeymoon phase’ definitely isn’t over between Abby and Devon. ‘I love you’. ‘I love you more’, he’s sent off to work with a kiss. Whoa – what’s with all the boxes in the hallway? Looks like Elena and Nate are moving.

Arms folded, brow furrowed and eyes rolling back into his head, Nick and Vikki get into it as soon as Nate leaves the office. She doesn’t appreciate him tattling to Dad (and being blindsided) He doesn’t appreciate her comparing Nate to Sally. SHE was never gunning for my job.

After Tucker boasts that he’s living in the Abbott house, rent free, Audra boasts that Nate’s the perfect (strictly) business partner (since Tucker lost everything in embarrassing fashion) Maybe you forget who you’re talking to, he chides her.

Billy’s heard ‘rumblings’ that Ashley’s convening the board to vote Jack out. On what grounds? Your unwavering devotion to Diane. Do YOU agree that I should step down!? Jack asks defiantly.

Perhaps I misspoke, Audra sees no need for insults. Agreeing that they should part ways respectfully, Tucker issues a friendly warning – don’t get too cocky. Nate’s ruthless and will turn on you. With a kiss on the cheek, he leaves Audra looking unsettled.

Stopping by CL’s, Devon asks Elena about the boxes in the hallway – are you and Nate moving? No – just me. Why? Because he’s sleeping with Victoria.

Nick’s concerned that Nate will betray Vikki just like he did Elena, Devon and Lily. Him involving himself in EVERY division at NE instead of focusing on Newman Media is a BIG RED FLAG. This won’t turn out like Ashland! Vikki warns Nick to back off or he’ll be the one with the problem.