Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Devon’s sorry – are you OK? Yes, Elena’s relieved to be free of Nate – he’s swimming with sharks now – and the minute Vikki smells blood in the water, she’ll eat him alive.

Seeing that Nick’s all wound up about something, Sharon distracts him with talk about Aria and Faith. Our little girl will be home before you know it. Spotting the champagne bottle, Nick jokes about Sharon turning CL’s into a bar.

Girl, I was just thinking about you, Audra joins Elena on the patio to ask if she plans to let Nate get away with no consequences.

In the park, Nate thanks Devon for including him in the tribute to Neil. Things quickly go downhill as they compare notes on who’s the bigger cheater.

Billy has full confidence in Jack’s leadership of Jabot – Dad would be proud. That said, he relays Ashley’s concern that Diane will want a piece of the pie. Plus, look at it from the outside world. You’re engaged to the woman charged with killing your ex wife. Appreciating Billy’s honesty, Jack says he’ll handle everything – and leaves.

Are you asking if I want revenge on Nate and Victoria? Elena admits that she’s thought about bringing JT to town but won’t bother – those two will blow each other up. Audra encourages her to go to Vikki’s office to confront her.

Nate insists that he’s the same man he’s always been. Whining about being used and abused, he has an epiphany – you (Devon) never really knew me at all.

Sharon hands Nick the bottle of champagne that was sent to her anonymously with a cryptic note; Memories are what life is made of. Nice vintage, Nick then notices what might be a smudge of paint – or blood.

Nate’s back in Vikki’s office to ask what Nick’s problem is. He thinks I’m gunning for his job? Well, TBH, he’s not completely wrong, Nate could think of worse things than working side by side with Vikki. Enter Elena – well, look at this – the two of you together – with clothes on – special occasion?

Continuing to discuss the mysterious bottle of champagne, Sharon didn’t think to question the delivery guy. Nick wouldn’t drink it. It is kinda weird, she concludes.

Now at Society, Abby and Billy talk about the strange living arrangement at the Abbott house. She’s actually worried that Tucker might win her Mom back.

Jack comes home to shout up the staircase – Ashley! Come down here NOW! He then growls at Tucker (pretending to read a book) Where is she!?

You have our full attention, Nate and Vikki will allow Elena to speak. After mocking their tawdry little affair, she quits the podcast. I’ll be focusing on a career saving lives instead of destroying them. You’re both so pathetic, she slams out.

IF Tucker knew where Ashley was, he wouldn’t tell Jack. You warned me not to hurt her – well, that goes double for you. Jack fumes – who are YOU to give ME orders in MY house, about MY sister!? Have you forgotten what I’m capable of? Tucker warns – You don’t want to make me your enemy.

Nick tells Sharon to go with her gut. If he was her, he’d get rid of the champagne. Left alone, she looks around nervously before placing the bottle in the trash can.