Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

Discussing business matters in the office, Vikki wonders why her Mom’s staring at her. Nikki’s curious as to what’s giving her that ‘glow’.

Nate stops by Audra’s suite at the GCAC. There’s too many ears at the office and this info is only for her.

In the GCAC dining room, Summer vetoes an expensive soccer camp (for Harrison) in favour of half days at a nature camp. Noting that Kyle’s pouting, she takes his hand across the table and apologizes.

Tucker doesn’t want any trouble – he just doesn’t like Jack’s tone. Ashley always has your best interest at heart. Not this time – where is she? Jack asks yet again.

If Jack makes Ashley’s life difficult, Tucker will make his life a living hell. When Ashley comes home, she points out that since Jack’s the one shouting, HE should back off.

Yes, Vikki’s glow is due to Nate. She’s sorry that Elena was hurt but is happy they don’t have to sneak around anymore. You (Nikki) Dad and Nick will have to accept it.

Summer hates the tension she created between her and Kyle. He promises that Phyllis will soon be brought home safely, where she belongs. I’ll make that happen.

Tucker refusing to leave, Jack confronts Ashley on her coup plan. She’s surprised it took so long for Billy to tell him. Jack puts her on notice – you’ll fail and destroy your reputation. Ashley vows to protect the family company from Diane – I won’t let her drag us all down. This has to stop, Diane enters to say.

Yes, Nate could use a drink – Elena blasted him and Vikki, then Devon got all judgy with him. Audra pretends to disapprove of Elena’s self-righteous, wronged-woman fury. Nate then informs that Nick and Vikki’s relationship is becoming more acrimonious. She defends me to Nick and has no problem with me wanting to move up at NE.

Nikki just wants Vikki to be happy. Then be happy for me – Dad and Nick won’t let up; she doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Nate doesn’t judge me – we’re in sync. Do NOT mention Ashland or JT, Vikki’s frustrated. Nikki will trust her daughter’s instincts. Vikki appreciates her Mom’s support ~hug~

Kyle’s happy to support Summer the way she did him (when Diane came back into his life) Things will work out, he excuses himself to take a call. Daniel stops by Summer’s and the siblings are bickering when Kyle returns with Lucy. I’m sorry about what Phyllis and that creep, Stark did to your Mom.