Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

This negativity isn’t healthy, Diane recites a list; we’ve chased Kyle and Summer to the pool house, Ally’s moved in with Noah, Traci’s escaped to NY. She asks Ashley to show some respect. Ashley suggests Diane move into the poolhouse (which she once burned down) Jack has maintained this family home – Tucker is NOT part of the family. Diane’s your fiance, Tucker’s mine, Ashley surprises all.

Is this some kind of joke? Jack sputters. Ashley wouldn’t joke about being engaged to the man she loves. Tucker looks as surprised as we are, Diane notes. He didn’t know that Ashley was ready to announce their engagement is all. We didn’t want to announce publicly because it’s so easy to get poisoned at those things, he adds. We love each other, Ashley insists.

Lucy misses Phyllis but doesn’t understand why she faked her death and framed Diane. When Daniel reminds Lucy that she has a manicure booked, Kyle agrees to walk her to the spa. Summer’s not impressed that Daniel told Lucy. Telling the truth is only a good idea if we can bring Mom home safely without prison time.

Audra approves. The closer Nate gets to Vikki, the deeper her divide with Nick. And he’s planted the seed of him (Nate) moving up in the ranks. When Vikki warned Nate
that Audra was after his job, he said he admired her ambition. But moving forward, no unilateral moves – we’re in this together or not at all. Audra’s very much in.

Adam’s conducting business on his phone when Vikki stops by his table at Society to say that he should be worried that Newman Media’s a threat to his new company.

Nate tells Audra about an opportunity on the horizon that might get them closer to their goals – Newman Media might be headed for a showdown with Adam.

Yes, Vikki’s spoken to Dad – he made it clear that you’re coming after Newman Media. It’s a pity Dad spent so much money on a company you (Adam) will run into the ground. McCall is no competition for NM. We’ll roll over you on our way to greater success, she boasts.

You’ve ruined everything for Mom, Summer accuses – the police might find her and send her to prison before she can clear herself. Daniel doesn’t think it would be fair for Kyle for worry about his Mom going to prison. Summer doesn’t have all the answers and can’t reach Mom. Maybe she knows you’ve told half the town and scared her away. When Kyle returns, Daniel leaves him to ask Summer why she doesn’t cut her brother a break.

Back at the Abbott’s, Jack can’t believe Ashley plans to marry Tucker. He’s changed, she claims – he never faked his death so don’t judge him. You’ve turned your back on Summer’s grief and the company to be Diane’s hero. Hold onto those bridal magazines you were so excited about, I’m going to need them, Ashley takes one last shot at Diane before leaving with Tucker.

Maybe I am selfish and obsessed with clearing your name, Jack admits – but he’d like to throw Ashley and Tucker out. They don’t know Phyllis is alive, Diane points out that Ashley isn’t wrong about everything.

In the park, Ashley thanks Tucker for defending her. We are engaged, right? he’s looking for confirmation.

Newman Media will crush McCall, Audra knows all about Tucker’s company – she’ll be their secret weapon. She wants to fast-track this. Nate preaches patience. It won’t be easy to oust Nick and Nikki. If Audra wants a win now, maybe she should find a new game.

Summer doesn’t think Daniel deserves a break. He told you (Kyle) Jack and Mike that my Mom was alive before me. How can Kyle help? Summer needs to go – I can’t do this now. When she wants to go take this call, Kyle wonders what could be more important than the talk they’re having.

Adam admires Vikki’s confidence but looks forward to proving her wrong. You’re just a bump in the road, she thinks Adam too emotional; you’ll make mistakes and take McCall down with you. She almost likes Adam right now – this could be fun. Let the battle begin, he leaves Society.

Hello? Dammit! Summer misses the call. After Kyle leaves for the office, she gets a text from an unknown number – meet me in an hour. Location TBD. This better be you, Mom, Summer hopes.

Ashley was right about my past and might never get over it, Diane hopes they can be one big, happy, family one day. Jack’s impressed with her generous spirit ~kiss~

Back in the park, Ashley thanks Tucker for his brilliant engagement idea. She sees the good in him; the man he could be. You said you loved me – was that for dramatic effect or can you look me in the eye and say it again? Tucker persists.