Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

At the GCAC’s bar, Daniel flashes back to Summer accusing him of making everything worse for their Mom. Hey stranger, Lily appears to purr in his ear and give him a kiss. Lucy comes over to welcome her home. My Dad sure missed you.

In the jazz lounge, Abby admits that something IS bothering her – my Mom and your Dad. She’s thinking about marrying Tucker, she confides to Devon.

In the park, Tucker deserves to know where things stand. Ashley agrees – you deserve to know how I feel about you.

Chris joins Chance at Society – do you have anything to bolster my case against Diane? No – the opposite, and Chance wants to keep investigating.

At CL’s, Sharon reminds Summer that she has a large support team. What can I get you? Coffees and a bag of carbs. She reads the message that may or may not be from her Mom. ‘Bag of carbs’ – that reminds Sharon of Phyllis. You’re keeping her memory alive.

OK, Supergirl – your Mom needs you. Typing a message and letting herself into the suite, Phyllis removes her hat and glasses.

Back at the club, Lucy invites Lily to join them for dinner. Reciting the guest list, Daniel doubts she’d want to dine with the boys, Chelsea and Billy. Lily would be honoured to come.

Over drinks at Society, Chris isn’t impressed to hear about Jack’s baggie of red hair but knows she can’t talk Chance out of investigating. You’ll be the first to know if anything comes up, he promises.

Still in the park, Ashley knows it must have been strange for Tucker to hear her talk about being in love. I’m attracted to you and like spending time with you. Anything else? Tucker fishes for more. Ashley trusts him more every day.

Abby tells Devon that when she dropped by the house, Jack said that Ashley was out with Tucker and that they have news to share. She worries about Tucker leaving town after Dom becomes attached to him. Devon wouldn’t put it past his Dad to have some corporate scheme going on that involves Ashley.

About to leave CL’s, Summer gets another text – room 353. Key’s in your back pocket. Hurrying out, she almost runs over Chance. Has there been any news? He reports that the investigation into Phyllis’ death has officially been closed. Unofficially? Chance will turn over every stone. After Summer leaves, Sharon wonders if Chance sent the champagne.