Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Lily, Daniel and Lucy meet Chelsea, Billy and the boys at Society. Adults here – kids over there. Well, this is fun, right? Lily forces a smile.

While Devon’s more inclined to take a wait and see approach, Abby worries that Tucker will go after Jabot again. She won’t let that happen. I’ll crush him.

Tucker will never give up on Ashley – he wishes she could love him for who he is, not who he could be.

Letting herself into the suite, Summer runs into her Mom’s arms for an emotional reunion.

While the kids engage in quiet mischief, the adults peruse the menu. Lily jokes with Billy – you’ll get your favourite, crab enchiladas. That’s your favourite? Chelsea’s surprised. It used to be, Billy makes things awkward.

Lily tells Billy that Charlie’s good. She had meetings mostly and didn’t get to see any shows. Sweeney Todd is always fun, Daniel comments. Not for Lily – she doesn’t like musicals, Billy also fails at ex-trivia.

At the kids table, Johnny tells Lucy about his odd family dynamic. Connor adds to the complicated situation. Lucy informs that her bio Mom was pretty messed up – her Dad and Heather raised her. We’re all in the same messed-up club. Can you speak Portuguese? Connor looks smitten.

Back at CL’s, Sharon declines Chance’s offer to look into the mysterious champagne bottle. He has to go follow up on something but will see her later.

Phyllis followed Summer for blocks before slipping the key into her pocket when she stopped to look at shoes. She appreciates the food but hasn’t been eating out of dumpsters, Stark set her up with money. Phyllis will never leave her kids again – what kind of Mother can do that?

Still loitering in the park, Ashley wants to focus on their fake engagement – we need to prove we’re serious to Jack and Diane. Wanna get married in a castle? Copenhagen for our honeymoon? Tucker’s open to anything – he feels as though part of her wants it to be real.

Devon didn’t mean to get Abby all riled up. She won’t be flirted out of worrying about her Mom. We must find a way to protect her. Devon just might have a way to do that.

In the motel room, a determined looking Chance removes his gloves and puts them in a small waste paper basket – which he then stares at.

Summer has a lot to tell her Mom – it’s not good. She told Daniel the truth. Phyllis knows – she called him. He pleaded with me not to be mad at you. You’re not going to like what he’s done, Summer continues – he told Jack, Kyle, Mike, Diane, Chance and Chris know – Lucy too. Do Chris and Chance believe I’m alive? Phyllis wonders.

Gloves on again, Chance goes through garbage bags he’s pulled from a dumpster in the alley behind the motel.

Chelsea and Lily bounce gaming ideas for kids and teens back and forth. Enough shop talk, who’s up for dessert? Billy asks.

Johnny thinks it cool that Lucy has a video game based on her. Her Dad was in a slump; she’s glad he was able to pivot. My Mom says that word a lot, Johnny states. Mine too, Connor chirps. He doesn’t look too happy when the older kids seem to be into each other.

Lucy’s charming, Chelsea tells Daniel. When the kids start giggling, the adults think they should have some fun too. The subject now boarding school, Connor again feels a bit left out.

Is there a full blown manhunt for me? Phyllis isn’t surprised that Chris isn’t looking for her. Jack, Kyle and Mike are determined to prove you’re alive. Yes, to clear Diane, Summer and Phyllis agree.

Chance pulls out a soggy program from Phyllis’ celebration of life and glares at it.

It was great meeting you, the kids part ways. Yet again, Connor sulks when Johnny asks for Lucy’s number and walks her out. After Billy, Daniel and Lily follow the two kids out, Connor frowns at his Mom – can we go home now?

Outside, Billy’s glad Daniel has Lily’s friendship during his time of loss. Good night.

Ashley thinks things are working out, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the rest of it could work out too. She and Tucker kiss.

Back at the jazz lounge, Devon’s plan is to get closer to Tucker – maybe he’ll confide what’s going on. He’s worried about Abby and her Mom. And, if Tucker IS going after Ashley or Jabot, Devon will crush his Dad so Abby doesn’t have to.

Chance calls into forensics – can we get fingerprints off paper that’s been in the garbage for a few weeks? And can we get DNA from tears? Even if there’s mascara in it?

Summer tells her Mom that Daniel told everyone that she called HIM – he left my name out of it. Phyllis wants to give her son a hug. No! He’ll go straight to the police! Summer won’t let that happen until they know she’ll be just as free as Diane. Stay away from Daniel. Don’t fight me, please.