Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Chloe’s disappointed that she’s not been summoned to the GCAC to celebrate with Sally. Deciding to fake it til they make it, they paste smiles on when Devon and Lily come over to say hello. Chloe then makes a mistake by lying – ‘we’re insanely busy’.

Pouring him coffee, Sharon goes out on a limb by guessing that Chance has new evidence that will lead to a promising breakthrough. Give the lady a cigar – Chance might be able to solve this mystery when the lab results come back.

On the patio, Chris seems surprised that Nick doesn’t know of Phyllis being alive. ‘It’s going to take a long time to get over losing her’

What would I do without you? Phyllis thanks Summer for the food. You’re my secret weapon. You’re fierce. Summer feels like she’s been to hell and back. Phyllis is sorry – it’s my fault.

Summer expresses how guilty she and Daniel felt for the way they treated her before she ‘died’. I should have stayed away, Phyllis agrees that she’s turned everyone’s lives upside down. She then lets Summer know that she attended her ‘celebration of life’. Hearing yourself eulogized really puts things into perspective.

Sally and Chloe have been pitching to (and been rejected by) some ‘unconventional’ places – like car repair waiting room and dentist. Would it have killed you to accept Nick’s offer? Chloe gripes.

Nick wishes Summer and Daniel had more time with their Mom. Spotting Chance, Chris can only assure Nick that justice will be done. He believes her.

Sharon and Nick mention the champagne. She’s thrown it out and able to buy her own if she wants some.

On the patio, Chris asks Chance what kind of evidence he’s talking about. Evidence that might prove Phyllis is alive.

In the jazz lounge, Lily and Devon reminisce about Neil and laugh about her dining with Billy, Chelsea and the kids. As for getting back together with Daniel, Lily thinks the timing’s off (partly to him losing his ‘powerhouse’ Mom)

Chris tells Chance that Nick hasn’t been told (by Summer) that Phyllis is still alive. Chance reports finding some very specific evidence – a program with mascara-stained tears.

You saw what losing you did to us, Summer cries. Phyllis needed to know how they felt about her. You were fierce – you had Diane on a hook and pushed her to the breaking point. Finally, I won – but did I if I lost my kids. So, I didn’t win. I was vindictive and wrong. I’m so sorry ~hug~