Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Sally wanted to do this on their own, she doesn’t want a hand out from Nick. What will the Newmans think? He wants to give you the money because he believes in you, Chloe persists. She’s happy to hear that Nick’s in love with Sally. Congratulations.

While Nick’s rambling away about who will teach Sally about ‘baby things’, Sharon’s frowning at a postcard from Colorado. On the back is written ‘were heaven’s a bit closer’

Nick turned my suite into a romantic oasis, Sally gushes. How could she possibly top that? Take his money. Chloe jokes. Yes, she’s still in – we’re a team. We don’t even need Nick’s money – we have a solid business plan and talent. Perhaps we should give an old option something new to see.

As Lily and Devon are joking about him being rich. And when Sally and Chloe come over to say nice things, Lily asks what they really came over to say. I’m glad you asked, Sally grins.

There’s problems with the hair; if this program has Phyllis’ tears on it, it proves she’s alive. Going to her own funeral is exactly the sort of thing Phyllis would do, Chris adds.

It’s the same handwriting as the note that came with the champagne, Sharon now knows who it is – Colorado is where we met, I hit him with a champagne bottle. It’s Cameron Kirsten! she tells Nick with certainty.

Sally and Chloe are now seated to share their new proposal with Devon and Lily. It’s time to revamp, revitalize Chancellor-Winters. Think vibrant, sleek – aromatherapy. Whaddaya think?

Phyllis felt abandoned – no one was helping me. Stark weaponized my loneliness. He came up with a plan to show everyone how dangerous Diane was. Summer can’t let her Mom take all the blame.

Chris thanks Chance for his help – all eyes will be on us. He too wants to get this right.

No freaking way, Nick sounds nervous. This is what Cameron does – he’s toying with me until he moves in for the kill, Sharon insists.

Lily and Devon can clearly see that Sally and Chloe are terrified – let’s put them out of their misery. Waving them back over, Lily asks when can you start. Is that a yes? the girls are delighted – you won’t regret it.

There’s enough blame to go around – you needed someone in your corner. I pushed you away when you’d already lost so much. We’re a team – I didn’t have your back. Summer feels that she should have done more. You did what you had to do to stay alive. Stark made you fake your own death. Phyllis doesn’t want to put Summer in the position of aiding and abetting. Go home and take care of your family. Walking away is NOT an option, Summer’s firm.

Nick trusts Sharon’s instincts. When they agree to ask Chance, Nick goes out to the patio. Chance is on the phone but will come in as soon as he’s done.

Lily gives Sally a pep talk on parenthood. Yes, she misses the twins – their joy is my joy, their hurt is my hurt. Insisting that Sally ask for help when she needs it, Lily leaves.

Sharon tells Chance that a man went to prison for things he did to her. Anything you can find, Nick adds after Chance readily agrees. Just give me a name.

Meanwhile, Cameron Kirsten has just checked into the GCAC.

Next Week; Is this a meeting about Newman Media or is this a BBQ and I’m what’s on the grill? Nate asks Victor …. Chance has news for Sharon about Cameron Kirsten – and it’s not great …. Are you Faith Newman? Cameron asks in the park. Yes, I am, she confirms – do I know you? (fun fact, Cameron is played by Linden Ashby – who is married to Susan Walters (Diane)