Friday, May 26th, 2023

Joining Daniel downstairs at the club, Lily confirms that he’s not sleeping well and wishes she could help. He declines her yoga offer but asks her to come up to his suite – there’s something he needs to tell her.

Every slug leaves a trail, Phyllis mutters as she searches online for clues on Stark that might help her.

Summer’s about to escape the house with a brown paper bag when Diane appears to ask where she’s sneaking off to with ‘all the bags’.

At Society, Victor apologizes to Chance – he now understands what went wrong with Abby. You’re a good man. One more thing – is Diane guilty?

Understanding that Chance can’t comment on an ongoing investigation, Victor’s left to take a seat. Joining him seconds later, Nate wonders if he’s been summoned to discuss Newman Media – or is this a BBQ and I’m on the grill?

‘Ooh la la’, Billy comments when Vikki walks into CL’s with ‘pep in her step’ and it’s not just the shoes she had flown in from Milan. When do I get to meet the guy???

Billy’s happy to hear that Vikki’s seeing someone until he learns it’s Nate. Defensive, she doesn’t plan to introduce him to the kids – and She has no intention of introducing the kids to him, nor does she want a ticket from Billy’s morality police.

Summer’s putting together a donation for the women’s shelter – kids clothes. Diane wishes she could go help and apologizes for the stress she’s causing between her and Kyle. I’m here for you. With a curt ‘thanks’, Summer leaves Diane to look suspicious.

In his suite, Daniel asks Lily if she’s noticed that he’s not grieving anymore. He didn’t tell her the truth because he was sworn to secrecy. My Mother’s alive.

Nudged to say something, Lily fears Daniel will hate her but holds nothing back. In what world does your Mom think it’s OK to fake her own death? She killed Stark?! Phyllis is a selfish, coward, she concludes.

No grilling, this is a ‘friendly catch-up’, Victor claims. Nate guesses he’s there because Nick’s opposed to him, personally and professionally. Victor forms his own opinions so would like to get to know Nate better (something Nate would like ‘very much’)