Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

‘What have you done’??? Having passed Nick as he stormed out, Nikki correctly guesses that Vikki asked him to take a leave from work. It was more than an ask, Vikki insists it was the right thing to do.

Hey, Dr Hastings – oh, just Mr Hastings now, Tucker quips at the GCAC. When Nate boasts about his success at Newman, Tucker thinks Audra deserves some credit – she’s a spitfire. Yes, and brilliant – Nate knows what it’s like to not be valued. You clearly didn’t appreciate Audra when she worked for you, Nate has the last word.

Watching with interest from the bar as Nick loudly confronts Nate, Tucker decides to order another drink. ‘Smooth move’, Nick’s gotta hand it to Nate. You know what I’m talking about.

Coming back from having some tests done, Sally is NOT happy to find Adam in her hospital room. Don’t push me away, he pleads.

I don’t want to see you, Sally tells Adam. She’s fine – physically. Adam knows that she’s emotionally wrecked – like he is. She doesn’t need him to explain his decision – she heard what he said when pretending to be asleep.

Nate’s not insulting Nick – what’s the problem? You, Nick sits across from him. Nate declares Vikki a great mentor. Mentor? Nick thinks she’s more of a ‘target’ (and again mentions Nate trying to steal CW from his cousins)

Nick will realize he needs this little break, Vikki’s sure. Nikki’s angry – you should have let HIM make the call. What’s your next move? There is no next move, Vikki’s tired of people second guessing her decisions. What’s going on? Victor strolls into the office to ask.

Vikki’s forced Nick to take a leave of absence, Nikki tells Victor – then reminds her daughter that after the Ashland ‘debacle’, she wanted to focus on work. That’s different, Vikki claims. Victor agrees that Nick can handle his professional and personal affairs. Vikki’s looking out for everyone concerned – and the company. Nikki believes this has something to do with Nate. Audra listens in the hallway.

Nate will cut Nick some slack because he’s going through some personal issues. Nick sees right through Nate – how long before Vic makes you interim COO – or has she already?

Back at Memorial, Adam doesn’t regret what he said when he thought Sally was asleep. Is there something you want to say back to me? Sally can’t forgive Adam for not saving their baby. Adam had to save her.

Adam had to quickly make a life saving decision. If you look at me, you’ll see that I’m grieving our baby. She may not have lived – I couldn’t lose both of you. You’ll be a mother some day. I had to save your life. Just go, please; in tears, Sally still won’t look at him. Adam leaves, defeated.

Audra walks away before hearing Nikki comment that Nate’s delegating his work to her (hinting that it’s to free Nate up to replace Nick) So what if Nate helps me run the company while Nick’s off? Vikki protests. Victor (and Nikki) wonder if this was Nate’s idea. If you have a problem with the way I run the company just let me go! Vikki slams out. That leaves Victor (with Nikki) to conclude that they struck a nerve – that’s troubling.