Friday, June 23rd, 2023

At the jazz lounge, Ashley tells Tucker that she knows her sister meant well but it didn’t help things between her and Jack. This isn’t about my hatred for Diane – it’s love for my family, my brother – why can’t anyone see that?

Diane thanks Jack for rushing to Society to meet her. She tried to bridge the gap between Kyle and Summer but it went horribly wrong. I’ve made things worse.

Summer follows a furious Kyle into the house. It’s OK if he wants to storm out of Society – but if he’s NEVER going to want to talk to her again, he should man up and say so!

Chance has been called away on a new case and Louise has the flu, so he’s brought Dom to the penthouse a few days early. No problem, we always love having him here at home, Abby says. About that – this situation’s not really working out, Chance worries her and Devon.

After Abby puts Dom to bed, Chance explains that moving him from place to place isn’t good for him. He’s fussy for the first bit when he comes to Chance’s. Do you want to change the custody agreement? Abby asks.

Jack’s a grown man – he doesn’t need protecting, Tucker wonders when Ashley became her brother’s keeper? Easy for you to say, Ashley quips – it’s not your father’s business. Jabot’s a yoke around your neck, Tucker also thinks Ashley needs to purge her hatred for Diane.

Diane explains that she and Summer came to Society while the Abbott’s were having their family meeting. She convinced me to help her mend fences with Kyle. Flashback to Kyle arriving at Society to ask Summer to let him speak to his Mother in private. Instead, Diane has something to say to them both. Harrison’s been crying himself to sleep and blaming himself. Hearing this, Jack’s sad – until Diane admits she told the white lie to bring Kyle and Summer together.

Chance is suggesting a slight change to the custody agreement – he’d like Abby and Devon to move to the Chancellor Estate. It’s too big for him. He’ll get an apartment near the station. He still wants to see Dom as much as possible. Give it some thought – for Dom’s sake. Is this something you’d consider? Abby asks Devon (who doesn’t look thrilled)

Yes, it’s exhausting to hate Diane but Ashley can’t just turn it off. Tucker’s tired of Diane, Jack and Jabot infiltrating their every discussion. Ashley can’t walk away from Jabot – it’s her DNA. OK, so let Diane crash and burn. What better way to prove she’s a threat?

Diane just wanted to rattle Kyle. Flashback to Summer telling Kyle that they owe Harrison a sense of security. Not picking up on Harrison’s supposed unhappiness himself, Kyle begins to suspect he’s being lied to. Diane admits to Jack that she exaggerated. And then Kyle stormed out and Summer followed him, she concludes her story.