Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Back at the house, Kyle’s sorry but he can’t get beyond Summer’s betrayal and lies. How could you have been so cruel to me? Summer was caught between protecting her Mom and … destroying mine? You broke my heart. We can get through this, Summer loves Kyle – and you love me, don’t you? She then admits to asking Diane to help her. Kyle thought so – we need time to process everything to see if there’s anything left. He needs time. You want me to move out of the house? Summer looks devastated.

Diane had to try – she’s partly to blame. Jack doesn’t think so but she shouldn’t have used Harrison.

We’d be unstoppable together – we could build something awesome right here in GC. Simply Ashley, Tucker suggests. It’ll hit Jack where he lives, Ashley comments. Tucker’s frustrated – this has nothing to do with Jack. When Ashley finally agrees, Tucker orders the lounge’s finest champagne for him and his new partner,

Abby has to consider the bad memories that come with the Chancellor Estate (including Jill and Nina, who stay there when they’re in GC) And what about Devon? This penthouse is your home.

Yes, Kyle would like to evict Summer from the poolhouse. Rehashing why he’s angry, he claims that his Mother would never have done what Phyllis did. Summer’s incredulous – Diane disappeared for years and tried to frame my grandma. Maybe you’re right – I should move out. Jack and Diane come home to ask Summer to excuse them. Kyle doesn’t want to hear his Mom’s pleas since her meddling made everything worse, he too slams out.

This penthouse holds a lot of memories – like of Hilary’s reaction when he bought it for them to live in. He smiles – this place holds memories of Neil – and of us – it’s where we realized we loved each other. Abby wonders why Chance would want to leave. He’s probably lonely there. Maybe it makes sense – it’s something to think about.

In bed, Ashley and Tucker brainstorm names for the company. We need to send a message that we mean business. How about Tushley? Tucker jokes. We’d be equals, he assures. Have I convinced you yet?

Jack knows that Diane meant well – everything Kyle’s saying is caused by his anger towards Summer. Wherever Phyllis is – she loves that what she’s done is tearing this family apart.

When Audra joins him at the lounge’s bar, Kyle’s more friendly than last time and offers to buy her a drink.

On the CL’s patio, Summer sends her mom a text – wish I knew where you were and that you’re OK. Miss you. Inside, Chance takes a seat and meets her eyes.

Ashley and Tucker toast to new beginnings – then set their champagne flutes aside to make out.

Jack wants Diane to focus on all they have to look forward to – the wedding – her new job. He shows her the new bio he had done. If the family doesn’t like it, it’s their problem, not ours.

Chance approaches Summer – looks like you could use someone to talk to.

Feel like talking about what’s bothering you? Audra asks. No, Kyle needs to forget everything that’s going wrong in his life – to block it all out. Audra knows that feeling all too well and is happy to help. ‘Salut’, they clink their glasses.